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john,darts vader - hello joan, its actually a gut problem with us psoriatics, the psoriasis is the end result :)
Sarah - Welcome to the Flaym-ily, Jake! Quite a few Flaym members are on biologics - check out the themes... More »
Bev - Welcome Jake you will find this group very helpful
Michelle - Welcome Maria. What us all have in common is a healthy diet. Flush out the toxins. You will find ... More »
Michelle - Hi Maria, great to see you found us here. Flaym is a breath of fresh air, having people who truly... More »
Otto_M_Moon - Uh , moderate exercise , lose weight if you are heavy. See where you are on the BMI chart , try t... More »
Nicola - Wow I never knew this but can't say I've noticed it being any worse after eating tomatoes but def... More »
john,darts vader - tomatoes, peppers, potatoes unless sweet potatoes,sugar,sweetners,eggplants ,alcahol,caffeine,smo... More »
Otto_M_Moon - I get my nightshades from tobacco , i never really liked tomatoes , but food doesn't make me flar... More »
Michelle - Hi Liz. Sensitive place to have P. Have you tried aqueous cream to keep it smooth and moisturized... More »
Sarah - Welcome, Liz! I use Aveeno cream on the face as it is gentle and mild for me. I have it on eyebro... More »
Stacy - There’s an optrex spray you can get that actually moisturizes your eyes it like coats them and st... More »
john,darts vader - ah nice nicola, i wish my girlfriend would take me on holiday, shes such a tight a.s though :)
Claire - Lucky ladies with your supportive husbands! Enjoy your beach trips.
Dianne - I live near the beach, but my Celtic skin has heaps of skin cancers scattered among the psoriasis... More »
Jane - Yes, last February I went to Mayo hospital in Rodchester, Mi. covered from head to toe with eryto... More »
Rick - Jane I'm sorry to hear about your condition. I wish I could help.. please keep us updated. Sendin... More »
Jen - Great to hear Victor. So happy for you.
Rita - Looks like a lot of us are in the same boat! Lots of dry skin here too. Moisturizing like a mani... More »
Sarah - Hi Josh, welcome back! Flakin' around the Christmas tree... and now flaking into the New Year too... More »
Nicola - Hi 👋 I'm on dryannuary too, I've almost managed till now 🤣 I only crave it on days with a Y in 😂
Cheryl - What food supplements Ruben?
Ruben - Hey Cheryl, extra's you take next to food. For example, fatty fish contains omega 3, but you need... More »
Cheryl - Yes I take supplements now of Omega3, multivitamins - just wondered which ones you feel help p or... More »
Beefchop - Thanks Sarah that’s nice of you it’s nice to see you and Stacey it’s in Tescos
Stacy - Tesco ??
Stacy - Ah sorry misread the comment taught you said you seen me in tesco 😂😂 you meant the cream obviously
Michelle - That is great to hear Martin! 60% better in one month is fantastic! Keep positive, you are well o... More »
john,darts vader - thats great martin, hope things improve more for you :)
Sarah - Amazing, Martin! More change to come!
Claire - Yoga and meditation have changed my life! Every class and teacher is different, so you might ha... More »
RedSpotEliminator - Yoga is exercise so yes, it probably does help with psoriasis. Meditating on the other hand is p... More »
Nan195 - Hi Everyone, hope you are all doing okay and getter better. Anything that calms our system down ... More »
Jamie - I too have a small patch of scalp psoriasis on the back of my head. I have learned to control it ... More »
Lanie - Tks I’m going to try that
Sarah - Welcome, Melanie! I think that a hairdresser is such a good source of advice and reassurance, as ... More »
Fatma - Thank you guys for all your suggestions! I’ve never tried any of the things you all said and I’ll... More »
mjg - Ellen, I bought something called Caboki online. It does nothing for P except that it is a wonderf... More »
Ellen - Thanks MJG ... will check it out .
Michelle - That is great Eilish!! So happy to hear you didn't let P stand in your way! Cheers to you!! :D
Roxanne - Good for you Eilish.
Kim - I have three tattoos. They are not in places affected by my psoriasis and I've never had any prob... More »
Michelle - Hi Ingrid. Bietjiebos is in Three Rivers, next to Meyerton. It's not a resort or anything, but i... More »
Derrick - Yip it’s a good option
Stacy - Music for me too always picks me up 🎶😊 and where I live has a big forest that leads into the grou... More »
Penny - I was on a inject able med that Really worked. When I retired; I was unable to purchase it becau... More »
Steve - Been on Biologics for 10+ yrs. wouldn't have it any other way, side effects have never experience... More »
Malcolm - That's encouraging. I've been given a few weeks to think about whether it's what I want. But it... More »
Michelle - Hi Olivia, Sorry to hear about your moving dates. I can see how that can be stressful. When I hav... More »
Sarah - Hi Olivia, welcome to Flaym! Stress has got to be my number one flare cause. Such a massive thing... More »
Olivia - Sarah, thank you. We live in a trailer house so to move it they have to split it in half. They fi... More »
Sarah - Welcome, Sizz! That sounds ace, am sure people will be interested in this! Thanks for sharing...
Michelle - Really great to hear Sizz! A salt room sounds awesome! What is it like? Similar to a sauna? Happy... More »
Jackie - Went to Salt cave in Prague. Enjoyed it had 2hr session. Felt good after it. Figure would need mo... More »
eugene - Eczema appeared only days after I was born , followed by asthma , epilepsy , and a lot of hospita... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym,Tania! Do you have either condition yourself? My youngest son had eczema as a ba... More »
Michelle - Hi Tania, that would be hard seeing two of your children suffer with skin disorders. It is great ... More »
Michelle - Thats great Julie! Looking forward to hearing how it works for you! 😊 Thank you, Cherie. I app... More »
Julie - Cherie your recipe looks good too.....mmmmmmm💡
eugene - I wash myself with dermofardi with almond oil in the morning and with Felce Azzurra relax in the ... More »

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