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Sarah - Hey Kloey. I have used it in the past when I was a teenager and I first got psoriasis, but not si... More »
Shaun - Eva I found the best response approach them and ask them if if they would like some the tables so... More »
Honey - I also don't know how to deal with it but what I always try to do is just smile at them. There's ... More »
Shaun - Honey go for it you have nothing to be embarrassed about.
john, DARTS VADER - Hello MD ,steroids would sure clear mine but after 30 odd years of it, i rather not now , some sa... More »
Susan - Md I'm with john... Did the steroid thing for many years. The side effects are long lasting and ... More »
Sarah - I have used antifungals before when I was a teenager and my psoriasis wasn't properly diagnosed a... More »
Isobel - hi, I have tried just coconut oil by itself, then I tried lavender with liquid coconut oil, I tri... More »
Catherine - That's brilliant John .. mine is looking better but not clearing .it's now sunny again here so I... More »
john,THE PSORIASIS TERMINATOR - Thanks Catherine, the small joys and maybe a large one to some :),i am just so glad its warm sun ... More »
Gill - Well I was in hosp ward Dr though it wrist pain was cause by p
Michelle - I hope not Gill! Fingers crossed it is something minor!
Sarah - Hey Gill! I have white spots in my nails sometimes, but they are related to injuries / damage to ... More »
Chris - That's a great pic honey , that's the way to be
Honey - Thank you Chris. :)
Paul - Totally understand Honey, most people are more bothered by it than we are and we have to live wit... More »
Catherine - My cats stay with me when I'm not well ... my old cat used to lick my P wounds when they were r... More »
Catherine - Animals are so intuitive when humans are struggling both physically and mentally .. I wouldn't b... More »
James - They must know when we're ill. A friend of mine takes really bad two or three day migraines, all ... More »
Kelli - Hi Michelle, That’s great that it worked for your husband!
Kelli - Hi Meryl, It’s definitely not something one wants to go through as a child of any age, but espec... More »
Sarah - Oh yes the smell of coal tar... beuk 😷😷😷
Bev - Oh Candice I agree with both the Michelle's. Where do you have the P? Welcome to the Flaym family
Sarah - Welcome Candice! Psoriasis is a very difficult condition to understand. I have had it 21 years no... More »
Michelle - Flaym has also done the same for me too 😊 My confidence level has grown tremendously. Keep conne... More »
Michelle - That is so true Phil. God has given me so much to be grateful for and to show me that I can handl... More »
Phil - Luv u my friend.
Michelle - Spreading love you to and everyone else on Flaym!
Michelle - I don't know too much about homeopathic medicine either Md. Is there a specific one you were look... More »
Md - No, I did not try light therapy, I went to a derm 3 years ago when I was diagnosed first. He sugg... More »
Ruben - Topical only treats symptoms... Will always come back without dietary changes
Michelle - Hi Ace. Yes I do. As often as I can. In my case, the Chlorine is actually quite good for my P.
Sarah - I think in some weird way it is good for mine too, as well as bad. I think it thins the plaques o... More »
Millionways - I think so too Sarah and Michelle. Yes, I do swimm, why not? (I know, because off the staring o... More »
Ruben - Not available in Belgium, forbidden even. At this moment at least.
El - Im going to try and see if there is a difference , have ordered it already there is no THC in it ... More »
Kim - Hi there. I've used the CBD oil externally. It really works well. Saw results after about 4 to 5 ... More »
Sarah - I do water kefir daily and fermented vegetables. Check out the themes section for posts about pro... More »
Michelle - Hi Ace, a good probiotic can be found at a local health food store. You can get them through som... More »
Justin - I, again, suggest Coconut Oil!
Fran - Coconut oil is great but if you are going to swim, Vaseline provides more topical protection and ... More »
Sarah - I have used vaseline recently when my elbows were starting to flake at an event and I didn't have... More »
Sarah - Welcome Dean! Not fingernails but toenails yes I did have one whole foot of psoriatic nails for 3... More »
Dean - Yes, curling, cracking, lifting. Anyone have any remedies?
Sarah - I used to use tea tree oil on my psoriatic nails at one time. Unsure if it helped, but it felt qu... More »
Jennifer - Interesting!
Michelle - That is great Lee! I have heard about Vanilla extract helping people with psoriasis. Is this some... More »
Sarah - Welcome back, Lee! Yes I've read about this in mice. How are you applying it? So glad it is helping!
lisa - as i only have a week left of treatment i figured if I didn't do it now I never would my skin is ... More »
Chris - Good gal,I've been gardening all week bit crusty in places but like the tanned effect
Michelle - That's wonderful news Lisa. Once we take that first step, everything else gets easier. well done.
Michelle - @Sarah. I bought Aveeno cream and it's a very thick dry cream. You know what I mean? Is this the ... More »
Sarah - Yes sounds similar Michelle, thought can't be sure. Mine comes in a pump spray.
Michelle - oeh. Okay then. I will look for the spray. Thank you.
Clint - Pores blocked by psoriasis are not sweating correctly your sweat then irritates and your immune s... More »
Sarah - Yes Michelle, I get flares that coincides with monthly hormonal cycles, and I do flare when I am ... More »
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