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Heather - I do not approach men and never have. I was married for 13 years. When we met and married i was a... More »
Ann - I've been with my current boyfriend for 2 years and he says that my body is beautiful. That's why... More »
Susan - Michelle I think there is something inside of me and other's that just will NOT let psoriasis def... More »
Sarah - Yep that's the one my son had instead of Piriton and he was fine with that one...
James - Okay cool, as you're both in the UK too I shouldn't have too much trouble finding it.
James - Just popped along to a famous UK high street chemist that's actually only half a chemist, a semi ... More »
Casey - I have been on too many creams and ointments, then bio pills now the needle
Psoriatic4good - Tina, Be happy, be happy a lot :)
Tina - I have another appt with a dermatologist tomorrow hopefully I can get something to help with this.
Ruben - Not on my knuckles but on my shins. Those spots later healed up. Skin is still really thin though... More »
Sue - Using that now Ruben,I don't look at shins as am covered,not itchy atm but using it sparingly,n o... More »
Michelle - Ruben, many moons ago when I was on cortisone, my skin was so thin and I was always bleeding. Whe... More »
Sarah - Love to hear that Glenn! Love your choices of your passion foods. I love local honey too, I buy i... More »
Sue - Glenn,cramps and swelling? What's that's from?
Glenn - Sue, sometimes my knees flare up with ps and the joint swells. But unfortunately for me, I have o... More »
Michelle - it sounds amazing Ilze and I'm happy for you! Thank you for the great info with regards to this t... More »
Sarah - WOW WOW WOW Ilze that is so awesome. Thank you for sharing! I am so so so happy for you 💚💚💚
Linda - So glad you found something that works for you Lize! It is great to know if one option does not ... More »
Casey - Ok to stop the itch in so private areas I actually got all natural diaper rash cream, I found it ... More »
Sarah - Welcome, Ann! I just use olive oil down below if I need to. This was on advice of a midwife whils... More »
Ann - Thanks I'll try that
Ruben - Last bits take the longest. Lemon helps, but I still have spots. We all react differently...
Clint - Good job Ruben
Sarah - I have got stubborn areas that have never yet cleared, when other areas have cleared successfully... More »
Michelle - Melanie. Baby steps still move you forward. Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction, e... More »
Melanie - yes! Thank you! Encouragement from others helps especially when they can relate to it!
Michelle - This is a great group Melanie with Flaymers who really cares about each other. I wish you well :)
Ruben - @Robin, indeed, the Kinks already sang it in '79 in the song National Health.
Michelle - I agree with you Robin. Life is short. We should enjoy life and what it has to offer. I have made... More »
Sarah - That scalp mix sounds great Casey. Thank you for sharing it. You have been through so much, let's... More »
Sarah - Hi Jasmine, I've been following the Autoimmune Protocol for 6 months, and have just come out of e... More »
Heather - I follow an auto immune disease and low histamine diet. Through research and with trial and error... More »
Jasmine - Thank you all so much!
Casey - Yes and sometimes I use the oil on my skin as well, I was just reading about hemp milk which is f... More »
Michelle - Never tried the hemp cream Suzie but heard good reviews of the hemp milk and now another from Cas... More »
Sarah - No, but I would like to Suzie! Have you?
john,DARTS VADER - Polytar used to be awful for me let alone all the tar crap and parrafin i had stuck all over my ... More »
john,DARTS VADER - This was in the 70s and early 80s though back in the dark ages so creams and stuff was different... More »
Ann - It was polytar I had
Michelle - You're right Peter, so much of p is psychological. Getting out of our heads can be such a battle.... More »
Sarah - I think most people would prefer psoriasis sex to no sex! Hehe! Thanks for sharing this Peter it ... More »
Michelle - Hi Rajeshbabu. Hope you are well and your P is treating you kind?
deborah - Thank you all. :)
Sue - Not into brown bathrooms,but u may be on to something there,your so funny,dart man
Joy - Has anyone ever tried functional medicine
Sue - Doesn't all medicine have a function Joy?😀
Ava - Tremendous attitude; worthy warrior, Steve! 🌺🌻🥀🌹🌷🌸💐🎉
Michelle - I agree with Ava Steve, you are a worthy warrior indeed. Thank you for being an inspiration to al... More »
john,DARTS VADER - Me too agree , Great attitude and advice , Thanks man :)
Michelle - I agree! Support is so crutial to us. Having gone without it for so many years.. I can see and fe... More »
Irene - Well said!
Jayaprakash - Enjoy your life
Bett - Best thing that’s ever happened for me! Right now I’m 99% clear. No dude effects yet.. 3 years in
Michelle - Ah Bett. That is great news. Well done! You sound so happy and I am happy for you. I know how it ... More »
James - Bett, what's a dude effect, is that when you start calling everyone bro and hi fiving them :)
Gloria - I stopped coloring mine because of the burning and pain it caused every time I dis it... no regre... More »
Ava - I stopped coloring my hair (now gray) at the same time I decided to forego all chemicals (and che... More »
Gloria - Ha! It is trendy anyway. I use purple shampoo to keep my gray from turning any other color...sti... More »
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