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Mickg48 - Well I'm off soon to a Thai 3 1/2 hr cooking class my daughter and her family bought me a voucher... More »
Susan - Happy Cooking Mick.
Mickg48 - Now that sounds brilliant mmmm warm sunshine 9c yesterday and prob the same today you lucky thing.
john - it was a 103 kim, :) normally its around 50 to 60 notifications in a day :) good have a good read... More »
Dave - I check on here first thing, plus my pages, the Fb groups I'm admin on, the forum I run with thre... More »
Janice - Busy, busy man Dave, how did we manage before the internet, I am so pleased I have the internet i... More »
Nesta - Same here have all over my body .but interestingly girls love me 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Janice - I am so sorry to hear this Javad, I have had psoriasis it seems for ever 60 years and I have foun... More »
Susan - John 100 posts! Wow... This site has made a huge difference in just knowledge and shared experie... More »
john - thank you all for your responses,think that Harold and others have said here?,its like a family o... More »
john - thanks all for the likes too and jan having a laugh lol,my biggest accomplishment making a 100 p... More »
john - welcome to flaym Elaine , hope you find some useful ideas here to help you :)
michelle - Welcome Elaine. I'm new also, after years of trying to figure what was wrong with me. 😆
Karan - Hi there all I can say alkaline your body and stay clear of diary and animal protein
Shawn - Diet - Diet - Diet!!!!
john - yes, I have been doing lifestyle changes for months, its a slow process but, its helping for sure... More »
chute - not bad feeling anyway what do u think?
john - sometimes when people look ,its not always in a horrible way sometimes its in sympathy to what on... More »
john - I try not to but,i am a lifer, I know no different, I try to avoid sweating, pools ,i try not to ... More »
Vanessa - Yes, sometimes just want to hide away from everyone and everything around me. I have bouts of dep... More »
Christine - I start feeling a bit depressed when I start itching and it's spots trying to come out. I will no... More »
Shawn - It helps with psoriatic arthritis as it reduces inflammation in the body. I take "Root2 Tumeric ... More »
Dave - Turmeric powder if its not cooked will pass straight through and the curcumin will not be absorbe... More »
michelle - Then I'm good Dave I used to be a chef so I eat lots of fresh ground pepper all day. I also put... More »
Diana - Not greasy is a really nice thing. Where did you purchase the cream
Jill - I purchased it off of Amazon. It smells nice....and is not expensive!!! :)
Shawn - Jill - also interested to know if you have positive results. For now I'm using organic coconut o... More »
Nisha - Agreed @Isabel67 in ND it's called Fenegan and although it can make you very sleepy it's the best... More »
Mary - I put my moisturizer anti itch cream on it. Sometime once is enough but times I have to repeat se... More »
Andy - Try taking himalayan salt baths.
Dave - Hi Jacqueline, hope you are ok more to the point.. all good here, bit of back ache, nothing maj... More »
Saundra - We have been having alot of rain in my part of nc..usa. My wrist, neck, toes and fingers liker t... More »
Janice - Yes, the weather hasn't been good, it feels more like Autumn your poor knee is probably missing t... More »
Elaine - I use a small amount of coal tar shampoo on my face then some coconut oil after
Harold - Some good treatments listed below. Just be careful not to go too near your eyes.
Andie - I never use soap on my face,I use simple, cleanser, moisturiser and face wipes,And lots of fresh ... More »
Saundra - I have never heard of guttate ps.. But your right i have been under alot of stress lately. Sold o... More »
Saundra - I dont no how to answer each of you. But i hope in what i write gets to you all. Thanks for your ... More »
john - maybe living in the country now will help with peace and quiet, I live in the country side and I ... More »
Cherry - Hi Teresa!😘
Kim - Hello Teresa. Welcome to our little group.
Mike - Welcome!
michelle - Thanks John, coping okay I have a good support system at home and Dr's as well. But hard to te... More »
john - its the way a lot of us are with it michelle, I never spoke about it until I came here,just somet... More »
Teresa - Yes I have both
Kim - Oh apologies. I spelt your name wrong.🙁
Jullie - Hi cherry, welcome to our family.
john - I think I have already welcomed you cherry, welcome again . hope you find things to help you here... More »
john - hello michelle, I know the feeling all too well, I made changes in lifestyle/diet and my skin is ... More »

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