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Lanie - Yes I have scalp psoriasis and had many injections on my scalp. It pinches at first but for some ... More »
Michelle - Oh wow Lanie, I never realized that injections in the scalp were given as a treatment. Its great... More »
Joy - I am using shots but new at it
Nicola - I don't think so at all
Janice - I get both.
Dakeyras - There is and isn't Daniel...'P' is a autoimmune deficiency; the why and were for's are many and n... More »
john,darts vader - Good foods, all salads no tomatoes or peppers, all veggies no potatoes unless sweet potatoes,,fil... More »
Michelle - Sorry to hear that Peter, the trials and errors sure can be tough. Dietary changes have really he... More »
Sarah - Ah no one down the other up! So frustrating. Do you think the cream actually caused the flare up?... More »
Sumonds (SUE) - Strange isn't it.... Not complaining though 😊
psoriasisvictim - Thanks everyone... I'll see how it goes for me!!!
Sue - I have had my hair colored by a stylist for a number of years and it did not get any worse. make ... More »
Stuart - I use a coconut based cream for my Scalp works wonders PM for the name :)
Pierrette - Yes this can be used topically.
Shawn - It’s the only moisturizer I use! I put it on my feet then put on socks. In the winter I try to mo... More »
Chris - Good lass Peg well done ☺
john,darts vader - That great news peg, :) :)
Marlene - That is Awesome!!!
Ruben - Hey Jess, I'm on vitamine B and D, Omega 3 and curcumin. I have 3 types of P, and each one help... More »
Shawn - Hi jess - I apologize in advance for this lengthy post - I copied and pasted from an earlier post... More »
Jess - Brilliant thanks for taking the time to give me all this information 😊 I'm gonna start this today
Sarah - Hi Daniel, that is ace! Really glad you have seen such improvement. But frustrating when you have... More »
Ruben - Hey Daniel, welcome to Flaym! Great that it's only a small spot. Maybe some sun will improve i... More »
john,darts vader - Hello julie, if one cuts out all the nightshade foods,dairy,all sauces , processed meats,gluten,w... More »
Sarah - I haven't but I know people do! I read an article last week about this being the new trend in Ame... More »
Michelle - I have heard good things about it as well Louise. I use cbd oil for pain relief, but have not tri... More »
Jayne - I bought some yesterday - will let you know how i get on with it x
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Mary Kay! I've spent a year analysing my triggers more closely as I've never fo... More »
Peg - Hi Mary Kay. Looks like we are neighbors. I am in Illinois.
Michelle - Hi Mary Kay, my biggest triggers are stress, alcohol, dairy, gluten and red meat. Have you ever e... More »
Sarah - A few people mention this! There is a theme in the themes section about psoriasis and mood swings... More »
Michelle - I have experienced mood swings through out the years. Especially when my skin was severe. The inc... More »
Rachel - I find crying healthy and lets go of all those bad feelings
George - It’s okay to cry Rachael, it’s also okay to smile, to hope, to believe, to love, this is not life... More »
Lindakay1948 - I get a lot of Fun from playing and being with my four dogs and when I am looking and feeling rea... More »
Julie - Thanks I think I’ll give Tgel a try 😃 x
Julie - Can I just ask which Tgel is best! I’ve just looked at Sainsbury’s website and they sell sensitiv... More »
Michelle - Hi Julie, I have only tried the coal tar. I like to make sure I have a deep conditioner when I ne... More »
Michelle - Thanks for sharing Eileen! Great to hear it works well for you! How often do you use it on your s... More »
Sarah - Ooo never tried this. How do you use it? Not even seen it to buy before!
Susan - Jackie I had the same thing after I healed myself. Just started pure Frankinscense on my scars. ... More »
Debbie - Where do you get the moringa
Susan - Debbie I get it from a company called Zija where it is grown in optimal soil and dried in the sha... More »
Sarah - Sad that you almost cancelled because of your skin, but so glad you didn't! So important. Good fo... More »
Michelle - Well Done Cheryl! Not an easy thing to do, but you did it!! I really feel letting go of fear and ... More »
Cheryl - Thank you - I hope others will gain the same strength through this support group too.
Catherine - Do you think it helps your skin ? I know it's great for the gut and also claims it's good for ski... More »
Susan - Catherine Sarah has been making her own kefir. Betcha she will respond. I love the stuff but ha... More »
Sarah - I don't know about the impact of the kefir alone as I've made lots of changes at once with my die... More »
Michelle - Its a pleasure! 😊 We all need reminders from time to time Suzanne. I Love hearing that you discov... More »
Eddie - Well done Michelle, an amazing story and great photos.
Michelle - Thank you Eddie! 😀
Carol - Thanks Michelle not heard of Moringa oil, will google it x
Michelle - It really goes a long way Carol especially when you mix it with coconut oil & Beeswax to make a s... More »
Mary Kay - My first response was on my hands and elbows. Hands have improved markedly, but elbows are still... More »
Cheryl - I recently tried a yeast and lactose free diet for 6 weeks and results are very good for the inve... More »
Sarah - Welcome Nikki. Interesting Cheryl! I notice that keeping my inverse p patch (bum crack location) ... More »
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