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Sarah - We're sitting in a Japanese restaurant. My father-in-law to be says "oh... Sarah! The print from ... More »
Roxanne - A woman followed me around in a store .Staring she asked "Whats on your arm?" I looked her in t... More »
Michelle - Thanks Bev and Jen. I think the insecurities that P bring are harder to remove. I only have 3 sma... More »
Susan - Michelle think of it as a challenge. I'm with Bev on the skin thing. Heck, it's just skin. My f... More »
Michelle - Aww thanks Susan :) I think I will go for it! I will likely reap the most benefits that way. Than... More »
Pamela - Try the shampoo and conditioner, Nioxin. I so hope it works for u ... it healed my scalp!
Michelle - Hi Madmum, I have never tried it, but your post intrigued me to check it out and it looks like it... More »
Lindakay1948 - What a GREAT Idea MadMUM Great Idea
Cheryl - It’s called ‘psoriasis - total disease elimination plan’ by Mark Norman. Some of it is too extrem... More »
Michelle - Thanks Cheryl! I think that it is best to pick bits out that feel good to you 😊 We are all so dif... More »
Judi - I take it as a liquid extract...put it in my green drink every day...one dropper full...
Jenny - HI Jessie. When I had that, used cortisone cream. Used to travel a lot and sweat caused patches w... More »
Denise - Hiya. Although I'm p-free I had it there as well. The cream I used and still use is safe because ... More »
Kez - I must say mine is now all one colour, rather than spots it is now one colour, a bit flakey but m... More »
Sarah - Welcome Bunny! It sounds like you have an open minded medical team which is great news that they'... More »
Lynn - Hi Bunny, I'm 67 and was just diagnosed this year. It's no fun having this. Anyway ,Welcome!
Bunny - Thank you all for your responses to me.
Sarah - Sugar scrubs are ace, I had one before my wedding and it was so good. Sumonds and Jim, I'm so gla... More »
john,darts vader - yes the sun , its great for me in small doses, ,maybe its good to have holidays in november and t... More »
Michelle - I'm also very lucky to have moderate P. I thought mine was bad by only having it on my ankles. I ... More »
Mc and - Be positive dear as hard it is .i guess we with P Are still alive
john,darts vader - Hello tim, i understand all too well, , i have had there all my life, even my diet /lifestyle ch... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Tim. Have you seen a dermatologist to get your diagnosis? If you haven't alread... More »
agb - Linda I am sorry you are going through so much. One thing I did was ask my dermatologist what oth... More »
Bunny - Lindakay, I feel your pain as I have it too. We have to hold on and just keep trying to see what ... More »
Jan - I have united healthcare and they are paying for most of my costs. I am having the light treatmen... More »
Lindakay1948 - Susan I Have never tried Moringa before joining this group so I am hopeful Thank you Susan for th... More »
Susan - You betcha Lindakay. Golly, did I have lots of vitamin bottles hanging around. I sure hope it h... More »
john,darts vader - yes, i been told my work bag is like a pharmacy with my supliments , i got so many of them, i am ... More »
Lindakay1948 - Oh by the way I also use Saran wrap on my feet and spots on my legs at night after I apply my pre... More »
Louise - Sarah, I have an old towel I put on my pillow the nights I put oil on.
Louise - It’s a little pricey but I was given Liz Earle shampoo and conditioner samples and I love 💗 it ju... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, LeAna! I don't now but I did right around the time when my psoriasis first appe... More »
Geraldine - I suffer with numbness throughout my body hands and feet neck are mostly effected
agb - My hands sometimes if I over work them
Michelle - That is great to hear Tracy! Enjoy 😊 We are blessed to have each other here ❤
RedSpotEliminator - I used to worry about going to the barber because of my pso. Then one day, my barber told me to c... More »
Orlaith - Must check out your YouTube videos, sound interesting 😊
Sarah - I haven't tried this Kez but there was a post here a while ago about it! If you use the search fu... More »
Ruben - Should be a great stress relief, so might be a good idea to try.
Kez - Last year my daughter and I shaved mine all off to a grade 3 all over to help cope. It was easier... More »
Pamela - I’ve had this condition for many many years and always had very short hair. It’s easier to cope,... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Liz! I had my hair cut short after I got married and although it was easier to ... More »
Micky - Ahh the glory days of wearing black tops, sigh.....🙂
Sarah - Haha yes the glory days! Used to hate it in clubs when the UV showed up EVERY flake! 😕
carol - I never yearned for black but every shade of blue or lilac or many of the colors that were out of... More »
Lizzie - Michelle nothing is like the real thing, but I was very pleasantly surprised :)
Michelle - I Love those pleasant surprises along the way! 😃
Sarah - Yummm, Ive got quite a few recipes in my AIP cookbooks from the library that include nutritional ... More »
Sarah - I don't Judi (well not that I know of at least) but lots of people do have multiple AI conditions... More »
Dave - Other way round with me. Psoriasis first then Coeliac 35 years later
john,darts vader - hello judi,i got psoriatic arthritis from psoriasis though not bad at all, i control both conditi... More »
Sarah - Great Susan! Yes I didn't have anyone to get any off, but just bought some instead. Mine is water... More »
Michelle - Good to know! Thanks Sarah, I may have to give that a try too, especially if it can be used to ma... More »
Sarah - Bleughhh a chunky liquid. I guess the grains are in there when it's in the jar so it does look li... More »
Michelle - Enjoy Michelle! That sounds like a wonderful getaway! I am a nature girl as well. I am blessed t... More »
RedSpotEliminator - Totally agree - the city stresses me out
Bev - Wow Michelle I love that place. Please give me have a para sail for me. Enjoy the quiet and the s... More »

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