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Clint - Pores blocked by psoriasis are not sweating correctly your sweat then irritates and your immune s... More »
Sarah - Yes Michelle, I get flares that coincides with monthly hormonal cycles, and I do flare when I am ... More »
Michelle - Hi Mahara, with my first pregnancy my skin cleared as well. I got worse with my 2nd. It is such a... More »
Sarah - Hello again Mahara! With both of my pregnancies my psoriasis was worse whilst the babies were in ... More »
Michelle - Hi Mahara. My P got worse when I was pregnant but it disappeared while I was breast feeding.
james - I have found Palmer's range of cocoa moisturisers and butter good, and gave the least irritation
Sarah - I've seen that around but never tried it
james - I have found it really good to keep some all round the house to regularily moisturise. Its also ... More »
Sarah - Hi Elaine, welcome to Flaym! I do have scalp psoriasis (21 years) but I don't get particularly gr... More »
Maire - Yes I regularly use coconut oil and many other oils. Leave it soaking for n hour or over night.... More »
Michelle - Hi Elaine, I haven't had a problem with greasy hair, but I have tried many products that have mad... More »
Michelle - Good Luck with the lemon Kloey! I think you will be pleasantly surprised! I have used it along my... More »
Sarah - Hi Kloey! My facial psoriasis is (at the moment) eyebrows only but in the past has also been hair... More »
Mark - I get the same in patches . Shaving is a nightmare sometimes but I seem to be able to make it muc... More »
Bev - Good Luck Michelle
Michelle - Thanx Bev. :)
Ellen - I was already menopausal when I developed Psoriasis due to being hijacked..I also take HRT's and ... More »
Ellen - Well two young boys i lived with said why does my elbows look like rhino skin. That is when i dis... More »
Sarah - Ahh that's so heartbreaking in one way, but I'm really glad in the other way that you used it to ... More »
Michelle - One can understand that children are very honest and they are new souls on this earth. We can't ... More »
agb - Thanks Catherine. It will get better. Hoping for good results on your health.
Sarah - Wow agb that is a result and a half! You must be over the moon with that. So happy for you! Can I... More »
Bobbi - I add tea tree oil to my shampoo. It helps me a lot.
Stephen - I used to use warm Olive oil leave it on the scalp a little while then wash it out with shampoo... More »
Eva - There's a medicine with vit d and steroid.. and might be able to get a discount card for copay. U... More »
Md - Sarah, how you prepare water Kefir?
Catherine - I glad other ppl have noticed .I was wondering if the weather was helping me butility I've been ... More »
Sarah - Hi Md, I make it using some water kefir grains I bought online from Happy Kombucha and I grow the... More »
Susan - Ellen from all my "Kind of" knowledge on leaky gut there really is no such thing. Just poor gut ... More »
Janice - I have suffered with IBS for 54 years but since drinking Lactose free milk for a couple of years ... More »
Wendy - Any natural remedies for leaky gut?
Sarah - Oh no Md, so sorry your flare up came. I think they usually say that reactions would occur most l... More »
Susan - Md I don't even take probiotics anymore as capsules. Nor vitamins. I only have my Moringa powde... More »
Kloey (Nuggets) - When my p was severe i used Nivea moisturiser. Now i use dove shower gel and childs farm moisturi... More »
Michelle - Hi Ace, I use tgel extra strength when needed and a tea tree oil based shampoo and conditioner. I... More »
Mary - Ahava has special products (shampoo,lotions ect) for people with psoriasis. they have sales ,on l... More »
Ace - So you can eat rice, which kind. Thought pasta rice and eegs were bad
john, DARTS VADER - Hello ace,i eat plain brown rice/ wild rice not pasta rice, eggs are bad for us as they are acid... More »
Michelle - I eat brown basmati rice as well Ace, just like John and Yes, it is very nice. I haven't had a pr... More »
Clint - Lemon 🍋
Sarah - I never make homemade salves! But I am thinking what I can do with all the lavender oil I have in... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Charlotte! I haven't ever had problems with mouth ulcers, I've had very few in ... More »
Jen - Perhaps better have it checked Charlotte. It might be something completely different. I would wan... More »
Janice - I was diagnosed with high cholesterol 20 years ago and put on statins which reduced it down to 3 ... More »
john, DARTS VADER - Sorry to hear this janice,sorry about your stresses, its one thing we all dont need in life, i ho... More »
Steve - Well I did see the Derm. a couple of day's ago & she did say based on meds. & other things that y... More »
Shawn - Hippeas (pea protein snacks) - organic, gluten free, diary free, gmo free - they come in differen... More »
Susan - For me Michelle I think it's almonds... Especially as of late. My boyfriend always has a big bag... More »
Michelle - Thanks everyone for the great ideas!! 😃
Sarah - Great hope that is going to help it feel a bit better. Let us know how you are getting on with it!
Andy - Thanks Sarah, I will. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Susan - Andy that is a tough area for sure. Heck we all need a waistband. Loose I guess is the key. I ... More »
Poppy - I have psoriasis, but I also recently got a group of red, itchy, sore bumps on my chest area, my ... More »
Michelle - Hi Joanne, Welcome to Flaym! Apple cider vinegar as well as lemon applied to my skin have both be... More »
Sarah - Ouch Joanne, so sore. Oo yep need a trip to your GP to see what it is. My son just had hives for ... More »
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