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Karin - 6-7 6. Started taking turmeric once a day after reading about it on the psoriasis blob. I buy t... More »
Karin - I think the problem might not have been the length but that I had a link to the psoriasis blob in... More »
Dave - See what you mean....you are now officially the longest poster after the previous longest poster.... More »
NuggetsMcr (Klo) - Yes my face has flared up a lot more often now the cold weathers here, i love winter but psoriasi... More »
john - i await and see what winter brings,hopefuly no scales :)
Rich - Karin..already popping vitamin D tablets 😉
Will - I was afraid of that. I do get stressed alot about several things. Especially not having time to ... More »
Dave - Hi Will, holding down 2 jobs, working all hours etc can be stressful but you have to try to have ... More »
Sarah - Yes, it probably is Will. The one time my psoriasis cleared without extra treatment was when I le... More »
NuggetsMcr (Klo) - Well the only patchy places are on my face, i dont quite fancy rubbing banana peels on my face lo... More »
Janice - Yes, I have heard of that but never tried it myself as I can't stand the smell of them.
Dave - There is one of the over the counter products in a green and yellow box that my doc once told me ... More »
Jacqueline - I concur - I've got me a good back scratcher - just wish I had some one to scratch my feet...love... More »
Darceyjayne - my partners back gets extremely itchy so i’ve pretty much become his personal back stratcher! haha
Dave - I don’t have any on my back or areas that I can’t reach but er indoors gets me to rub her feet ev... More »
Dave - "What is this?"...its payback time "Is it worth it?"....I'll say! Its important that P doesn't ... More »
Aisling - Alcohol makes my psoriasis very red and irritated for a day or two after drinking. Hydrate yourse... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Jamie-lee. Lots of people on Flaym report alcohol being a trigger of flare ups.... More »
Darceyjayne - The day I met my partner I saw his skin was sore so I asked him about it and he told me straight ... More »
Darceyjayne - Plus with all the flaking people might be able to use it as dna to make a robot version of oursel... More »
Janice - Sorry I can't remember, I have been in a relationship for 53 years with my husband, he never ment... More »
Liss - What sort of supplements I'm at a point where I will try anything to help? Any recommendations ... More »
Jason - Been through this a bunch.....coconut oil and plastic wrap work wounders
Liss - Coconut oil makes my skin itchy 😞
Chris - Be well Susan x.
Nan195 - Thanks Chris and to you too. Wishing our P Family a happy weekend... have fun ❤️🌹😊
Dave - Make sure you scratch outside Chris....don't want to make work for yourself.....ave a goodun'.
hope - I've had to stay as far away from all steroids after getting to experience steroid rage and psych... More »
Susan - Holy cow Hope. Glad you pulled through that!
hope - hi susan, yeah that was absolutely scary especially since i have absolutely no memory of the 2 da... More »
Sarah - Same! I race home from work and immediately change out of long sleeves and trousers and into my s... More »
Dave - I rarely cover my arms, wear a short sleeved polo shirt every working day or tee shirt every week... More »
john - hello jason,thing i have learnt is, i always hidden it the best i can,when people have seen it wi... More »
john - it is possible as i well know, itching can be healing,if you see it going light pink and almost b... More »
Sarah - Hehe John I love the idea of giving plaques some affection! Yes the skin which was prickling last... More »
john - good news sarah, i am always on spot watch,its become a bit of habit now, never did i bother befo... More »
Shane - Ohhh I've tried aveebk but not actual oatmeal. Will give it a try. Friend suggested oatmeal today... More »
Susan - Shane try not to discard Johns advice. This guy has done tons to get better. Withdrawal from st... More »
Rich - Get it by my nose, use little bit of mometasone and clears for a bit..
Karin - I'm happy to share my experience too.
MishLyn - I am happy to share as well Diane!!
Nan195 - Hi Lorna, get better soon. Chin up and be positive, take some time for yourself to relax and res... More »
john - update on steriod withdrawl flaky face today, i would look great in a zombie movie :) my dark b... More »
Ione - John sempre quiser desabafar eu estou pronta para te ouvir r vou procurar me atualizar mais sobre... More »
Ione - Vai dar tudo certo! Nunca se envergonhe da sua psoríase pois se você fizer isto as pessoas vão se... More »
Tim - Hi Josh. I've been getting really good results around my eyes using tea tree oil with a Q-tip...... More »
Sarah - You should say, oo could you just get that for me and lean forwards and see what they do!
Shawn - I've had dark circles below my eyes my entire life and people love to say, "I can tell you are ti... More »
Dave - Bad news Jacqueline, nightmare when that happens....don't mean literally...😉
john - oh dear, sorry to hear this jacqueline,i am so glad i dont scratch now, only occassionally and it... More »
Jim - Sorry to hear that Jacqueline. That first scratch just brings on more itching. Hope you get some ... More »
Jason - It's super hard coming from 100% clear to 80% covered in like 2 months
Susan - Jason you are going to see lots of suggestions here on this site. Try pretty much all if you can... More »
Jason - Been on biologics for 12 years...had to stop due to insurance I am back on ....but playing the wa... More »
Robert - If our govment would help us stay healthy we would all be productive and earn more have a good me... More »
Susan - If money is an issue where you live then I guess this site is a Godsend to you. So many ways to ... More »
john - hello raquel, sorry to hear this,seems a big cost for psoriasis in the states, if you dont mind m... More »
Brian - I drink turmeric with ginger. Good tea
john - great news, its good to educate aswell then clear skins will react better to psoriatic people whe... More »
Sarah - Ah Bren, what a coincidence! Although I guess there are many more people with psoriasis around th... More »

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