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bbb - Mine is mix and match all over.
Ruben - Plaque on my legs and scalp (is clear now) guttae on my back (only 1 spot left 😊) and nails
Sarah - Mine is quite separate I think. It's weird. My guttate was torso, back, ribs, breasts, forearms, ... More »
Sarah - Good move changing doctors, Kez. It's important to have confidence in your health care team! I ho... More »
Ruben - Agree with Sarah on this one, you need a very good relation with your doctor. They don't know eve... More »
Erin - I have heard Pfizer had been doing a trial where they input a device in your collar bone the size... More »
john, DARTS VADER - Sorry to hear this Erin, i can only say, if you can?cut out dairy including eggs,cheeses,milk etc... More »
Clint - Start to use lemon 🍋. On your psoriasis it will work tingles or burns then heals leave on until s... More »
Sarah - Sounds like you've got an attack of inverse perhaps, your GP would be able to confirm I guess! I ... More »
Clint - It happens were you sweat so get the lemon 🍋 on it sounds like a rap song 🎶 Lemon 🍋. On your butt... More »
Stacy - Sarah that’s exactly the way mine is under my boobs and it was actually my partner that told me i... More »
Ang - I like the hemp hand cream from the body shop that does help
Tom - I have been using cbd for a while now in vape form and sublingual. I am a huge fan of it to manag... More »
Michelle - I have not it topically, but I have heard really good things about it :)
Sarah - Sandra, your son is such a trooper! What an unfair disease, to affect such young ones. My younges... More »
Sandra - I don't have psoriasis my mum has it on her elbows that's all
Clint - Lemon 🍋 will help your mom you would have to be very careful with a baby best of luck better then... More »
john, DARTS VADER - Hello Sharon, have you thought about changing diet/lifestyle ? it is choice though, i improved m... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Sharon. Those downhearted times are difficult to weather, but we do weather the... More »
Ruben - Welcome to the Flaymily Sharon! My P is 90% better than two years ago. I added some supplements ... More »
Sarah - Hi Fatima, welcome to Flaym! Eyes are so delicate, no wonder it is painful for you 😣😣😣 If you go ... More »
Chris - I had it on my eyelids to I share your discomfort such thin delicate skin mine used to bleed if i... More »
john, DARTS VADER - Hello Fatima and welcome to Flaym, have you thought about diet/lifestyle changes? it may help in ... More »
Kathryn - Mine is really aggressive at the moment. I fell off my healthy eating wagon and I'm paying the pr... More »
agb - Linda, I am so sorry you are suffering. After you wrap your feet, try to raise them. I have a foo... More »
Claire - Hi Linda, when the pain gets too much I love coconut oil but Vaseline really does help, its insta... More »
Kez - I suffer with prickly heat as well but heat on my p does not help
john, DARTS VADER - Only if i sweat other wise i am okay
Sarah - Hmm not for me, I'm OK with the sun. I just have to remember to use sun cream everywhere!
Paul - My Mom just got back from a Caribbean cruise and went to an Aloe farm and she picked up some crea... More »
Justin - I suggest again Coconut Oil - it is truly amazing! I purchase mine incredibly inexpensively, f... More »
Susan - I don't use sunscreen anymore except a bit on my face that is not really a brand. Did you know t... More »
Rita - Thank you so much Michelle! I’ll definitely have to get the turmeric pills. Thanks for the tips! 😊
Lynn - Welcome Rita! I’m not even gonna try to help because I’m terrible at explaining anything. All I c... More »
Susan - Welcome to the site. Lot's to learn here about mind/body/soul treatments.
Sarah - Argh yes I first got psoriasis age 13 and distinctly remember sitting in Geography, peeling plaqu... More »
Lindakay1948 - I was really awkward unsure of everything and everyone..I judged me faster than any other child w... More »
Irene - Shunned had it on scalp mom would shave my head so I was a freak to most kids
Michelle - lol. I can already imagine the sales man's face when you ask him where they keep the silk boxers.
Clint - Adidas makes a sports material that works well
Michelle - There you go Clive, Adidas is the answer and not Caprice lol.
Connie - I know jyst how you feel. I to have vome to a point thst I no longer care what others think about... More »
Clive - Awesome choice and way to display !! Sometimes i do the same bold and unconcerned the " i need to... More »
Susan - Don I had all those emotions when we separated too. He didn't want to be with me so I was very h... More »
Cherryl - A good start may be to eliminate certain food groups, anything with wheat is a no no for me, dair... More »
Sarah - I think different things can bother different people with psoriasis. The common groups seem to in... More »
Sylvia - I don't know if this helps everybody but since I became a vegetarian and started taking Tarmac & ... More »
Lindakay1948 - Amanda this may give you a good laugh but here goes anyway..I use Pine Tar Soap no matter where t... More »
john - I use Dermol 500 which was prescribed and although weak, it soothes and is water soluble. Easy to... More »
Sarah - Hey Amanda, when I shower I use Aveeno Body Wash for all my outside skin, and then I use Black Af... More »
Chris - Michelle its finding a nice lady to make nice memories with,what would you call it in Canada ?
Susan - john you are funny... I did the topless and bottomless with or without psoriasis. Not sure if th... More »
john, DARTS VADER - oh dear, we do have funny terms to try and get our wicked way in the uk :)
Joe - Psoriatic arthritis is unique. Dermatologist will diagnose this for you
Michelle - Hi Vicky, it could very well be age. Your dr can run tests to find out for sure. A lot of people ... More »
Sarah - Hmm I have this dilemma too sometimes Vicky, although rather than age I think of it as maybe wear... More »
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