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Michelle - That is really great to hear Sadie! How long did it take for your skin to clear with the sunbeds?
Catherine - Me too Kelly ... I know sun is good for my PA but going out beyond the garden can be uncomfortabl... More »
Susan - Catherine I know the feeling of uncomfortable. I've read many inspirational quotes. One of them... More »
Sarah - Oo no not me, I am so keen for the summer to arrive so that I can get some air and sun round my c... More »
Jen - Marlene inflammatory foods have taken anything from 6 hours to 48 hours to affect me. The healin... More »
Sarah - Hey Marlene. I had never been able to tell and was really struggling with trigger analysis until ... More »
Marlene - Thanks Sarah!
Yvonne - That’s great news hope it keeps working for you
Bonnie - Good news, Meme! What is the name of the biologic you are using?
Edvinas - Stay strong, Meme!
Sarah - Things like turmeric, garlic and ginger root are thought to have anti-inflammatory properties and... More »
Carole - do you juice them or cook them?
Sarah - I use carrot, beetroot, ginger root and other veg (broccoli stem, kale, spinach, celery...) and s... More »
Sarah - Great idea to try Peg! I don't have a prebiotic as such. I do eat fermented sauerkraut, think tha... More »
Susan - Sarah back in the day we just ate the right foods. Now we need supplements. Stupid but true. M... More »
Shawn - Yes Peg all true! Go for it!
Michelle - I think it would be a good idea to see a dermatologist Ian. To answer any questions you may have ... More »
amber55 - I definitely would recommend seeing a good dermatologist. Medical doctors gave me the run around... More »
Sarah - Hey Ian, I am glad that I have been to see a dermo as it helps me to feel that I am being proacti... More »
Lynn - Mine was never dry and frizzy when I had the Psoriasis in my scalp. Your hair and body changes ev... More »
Michelle - Hi Gayle, My hair has not become dry and fizzy with scalp psoriasis. Although it does get dry whe... More »
Sarah - Mine is dry and frizzy anyway, but that is from 20 years of hair dye! The bottom half is frizzy a... More »
Michelle - lol Kelly. Cigarette do stink a lot and I hate it when I smell like smoke.
Jen - Yes smoking definitely affects p. Tried so many times to quit. We are doing everything we can to... More »
Peg - Yes I am reading more and more about eating better and the toxins in everything. It’s hard. One ... More »
Sarah - Yes it's amazing the different forms p can take. I have 3 (plaque, guttate and inverse) and think... More »
Susan - Lisa I agree with Sarah. I've had it all years ago. The pustular on the scalp was like clear pi... More »
Robyn - Thank you all for the messages really mean a lot. I have had joint pain for about 5 years already... More »
Jenny - Hi Robyn. If we mention names of meds it won't print. Under a Rheumatologist now. On treatment t... More »
Tracey - I am on Salaza calciferol Celebrex and biologics. I was told by the Dr my vit d are sky high?..
Michelle - Now that was a good plan Jen. I hope it will work for you too Gill. :)
Gill - Cheer Jen will give it a try
Carolyn - Gill I had the same! I went on to a dairy/meat free diet and in 2 months my rash has almost disap... More »
Sarah - Hi Kelly! I make water kefir at home which (as you probably know) is a probiotic drink made with ... More »
Susan - Hi Kelly. Probiotics are something I experimented with alot. Back in the day of my parents it w... More »
Sarah - I haven't tried it with rice milk Susan! I know you can make it with goats milk and many people d... More »
Lindakay1948 - I love this post Heather and I especially like Sarahs"Woman of Mystery" idea...the fact is I thin... More »
Sue1963 - I know exactly how you're feeling. My life revolves around this miserable disease. I'm so tired o... More »
Lindakay1948 - My Feet are my nemesis Sue and yes my Dear they hurt,they bleed and the cracks are horrific somet... More »
Michelle - Hi Margaret. I was scared too that both my daughters might get it as well. I was so cautious in w... More »
Michelle - Sarah, I am really highly upset about that article you read about us P sufferers should not have ... More »
Sarah - I know Michelle, I was honestly upset by it too. Everyone who saw it and commented were absolutel... More »
Sarah - For me it has been 20 years of trying and failing to stop scratching, and one year of actually ma... More »
joanne - Scratching feels blissful for a minute, ..... i have to be so careful not to tear my skin, it tak... More »
Susanne - Depending on where the plaques are it is hard not to scratch when they itch. I have used an over ... More »
Heather - Probably not, but hey who cares, wear what's comfy for you. Also, get a cat, the fur distracts fr... More »
Michelle - Lol @ Chris. Doesn't matter. Nobody's going to watch what your'e wearing while you're sleeping...... More »
Sarah - Yes but the stippled look is IN!
Heather - Craig, I experience similar to your wife and am also a plus size gal. I'm so glad to hear that I'... More »
Margaret - I get it under my breasts and also in my butt crack as Well. It only stinks if I don't clean tho... More »
Debra - I used to use Z something powder for athletes foot, a dermatologist suggested it years ago. Latel... More »
Steve - Been on Bio's for 10+ yrs. nothing to be afraid of, they work for me:) Side effects are none exis... More »
Sarah - Hi Heather! Good luck with your biologic. I don't have experience of taking one, but I hope you h... More »
Heather - Thanks a lot. I will let everyone know.
Michelle - Thanks Sarah! I am hoping so..its kind of like I am standing on guard..on the lookout, lol. You h... More »
Polyp - My main dietary change is to cut out processed foods and always be aware of what I about to eat. ... More »
Meme - Thanks for the advice. I will give it a try!

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