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Marisa - Dietary changes cleared me 100% It took 20 years but much of that time was spent using medication... More »
Sarah - Hi Marisa. That is so great! You must be so happy you did that with your diet. So is the above li... More »
Hellen - Tar shampoo, helps a little bit
Mishlyn - Funny you mention that James. The same with me. I took the course as well and am always researchi... More »
Sarah - I do read the leaflets but not always all of the sections. I always read the bits about method an... More »
Ellen - I just read the doctors instructions on the outside of the box....apply to affected area...
Sarah - That sounds very like me in many ways! What an uplifting thing to read that you have got a plan f... More »
Mishlyn - Good for you Drum! Getting started can sometimes be the hardest step. Looking forward to hearing ... More »
Michelle - Drum, the lemon works very well for my P. Im a coal tar person. I used the lightest one for my in... More »
Sarah - Hi Steve, reading your post and can relate massively. This was me a year ago! I got strep throat ... More »
Mishlyn - Welcome to Flaym Steve, It is really great you can be here to support your husband. Dietary chan... More »
Michelle - you know, in my eyes P is a broken immune system. I have spent thousands trying to fix mine but n... More »
James - My main thing is the time it takes. I look like a target dummy on a firing range and to do each i... More »
Bev - I had to put on each spot for my hubby which did take a long time abd he doesn't have the patienc... More »
James - I guess I should take the time to do each spot then, which brings something else to mind, but I'l... More »
Dakeyras - Likewise lass... :)
Sarah - Love it Michelle ❤️ 💛 💚 💙 💜
john,Hulk - I am special Michelle, thats what people tell me haha :)
Michelle - True Million. One does not expect someone to make such a rude comment and it takes the wind out o... More »
Deri - I know how you feel I have given up on swimming and never wear anything but trousers or long skir... More »
Arti Sharma - Hi Andrea, People only notice those things which looks different.. Just accepte ur PS first a... More »
Mishlyn - Oohh so good Mabel!! I'm very happy to hear that! I have never seen a rhum. even when I was diagn... More »
Michelle - Hi Mabel. Like Michelle, I've never seen one before. Don't really know what it is but I hope ever... More »
Mishlyn - Thanks Maria! I am happy it is helping you! I just love acv too!
Sarah - Love that, sounds like a great method! Perhaps similar to the lemon method too?!
MariaL - YW Miche! Acv has lots of benefits, thats why everyone must love it ... @Yes Sarah same method.... More »
Mishlyn - I did Chris in my younger years, can be hard indeed. Good for you Chel, it can be so helpful ta... More »
Sarah - I haven't ever had it affect me in this way. I am not massively body confident but am equally not... More »
Chris - I had therapy for something else but as we talked over weeks he asked about do I think people see... More »
Sarah - If I drank 4 glasses in one day I think I would feel terrible the next day, and I would sleep ter... More »
Michelle - Lol Bev. I was like that many years ago. I'm used to the 4 glasses now just as long as it stays a... More »
Michelle - But you know when you're out with friends and you start of with a beer, then 2 beers - need somet... More »
Ruben - Just be prepared when you google...
Sarah - I hate Google images. It is scary. But I guess that is life! I for one am happy that we don't ima... More »
Arti Sharma - Consult with a doctor first..may it is only a sun burn..
Sarah - That's good news Gordon! I looked at using one of these last year and then didn't because my derm... More »
Michelle - Wonderful news Gordon. I've never used one before as I live in South Africa but should I decide t... More »
Mishlyn - I am reading it too Ryan. I have had it for a couple of months but have just been able to pick it... More »
Michelle - Hi Ryan. I'm trying not to change my diet as it may be a shock on my immune system. It sounds gre... More »
john,Hulk - Hello Ryan, i know of this book but never read it, i do follow his diet, which is simple enough t... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Heather, Welcome to Flaym! It can be so frustrating trying so many things and not getting any... More »
Heather - Hi Michelle, the only dietary changes I’ve done is to stop drinking alcohol, I don’t eat any spic... More »
Sarah - Welcome Heather! On the face I only use Aveeno products now. I only found them last year but for ... More »
Ruben - Sugar is my biggest trigger, junk food is packed with sugar. So I guess this is the same thing...
Mishlyn - Hi Matt, great to hear that your son is not struggling at the moment.. but can indeed be a hard c... More »
Sarah - Welcome Matt! Great to see you here supporting family living with psoriasis. I've spent the last ... More »
Sarah - Welcome to the Flaym family Angela! Lovely to see you supporting family with psoriasis. I was pre... More »
Mishlyn - I am happy to hear that Angela :)
Kathryn - Yes Michelle, it was a common treatment at that time. Fortunately i never had side effects.
Mishlyn - Good for you Alex! Making those changes are initally quite hard, but does get easier with time. ... More »
Sarah - Welcome Alex73! Yeowwwch yes many of us know it well. So difficult when coverage reaches this typ... More »
alex73 - Thank you Sarah for welcoming words. You are right saying that we learn from each other, and I'm ... More »
Sarah - Hi Paige! I use what I think is considered a plain "carrier" oil - grapeseed. I use it on my scal... More »
Dianna - Sarah, wonder if the lavender oil would work to lessen stress if put in an infuser? which then mi... More »
Mishlyn - Hey Paige, I have had good luck with tea tree and lavender essential oils. I mix it with almond o... More »
IDA - Maybe bring the meal when you go..trying to get a good diet myself ate nuts last night ...not loo... More »
Sarah - Nuts are a grey area for me IDA...
IDA - Have you gone to an allergist to find out what you can eat? would it help with P? I have change... More »
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