Ray @Artisan1025

United States


Susan - That's great Ron! I'm very happy for you!
Sarah - Wahoo! Excellent!
Mishlyn - Wonderful news Ron! Very good! Enjoy your haircut!! :D
Lindakay1948 - Ray the biggest problem with have P is that we fork over our hard earned money just for a small t... More »
Rosey - Hey I even heard the hard drugs just gives a year remission if it works,omg,kind if over paying f... More »
Rosey - Mean,Im over' the cost
Susan - Ron I've never tried it. I did look at the site just now though. Looks like it's quite effectiv... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Ron, I have never tried it as well. I have heard good things. Can be such a battle trying to f... More »
Sarah - I haven't tried it but know it is quite a "talked about" product. I do remember Mallory on here r... More »
Sharon - Hi Ron, I'm american born but live in the UK.
Nan195 - Hi Ron, I’m from South Africa too.
dorothy - Hi Ron and everyone i'm also from South Africa
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