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Elgin, OR, United States

I've been dealing with my Psoriasis for 28 years now. I am always looking for naturopathic ways to treat my P.


Timo - hi Sarah. I noticed it had been 23 days since my last post... Here is some WIKI info about H. P... More »
Sarah - Argh Timo that sounds scary! These bacteria have creepy names and creepy ways. Be interested to k... More »
Timo - Candida is getting under control. Might take another course of anti-fungal meds. I'll keep post... More »
Sid - Great news! That gives me hope that it will work for me.
Timo - Hi Sid. Biologics are pretty impressive meds. Depending on how much coverage you deal with, it ... More »
john,Hulk - thats great tim, just seen your post, dont know why? hopefully a flake free year for you :)
Mishlyn - Thats great to hear you are doing so well Tim 😊 Its a shame that most drs/derms don't acknowledge... More »
Timo - I agree. To bad most Western folks, i.e. North Americans & Europeans, are raised on such poor di... More »
Susan - Tim I had the same experience, but worse with my rheumatologist. Kind of arrogant guy. That's o... More »
Susan - I'm so happy for you Tim. I wonder if your BP was so high because of life stress or just stress ... More »
john,Hulk - thanks timi can feel your positivity here , its so great to hear successes and people feeling be... More »
Mishlyn - I am so happy to hear you are getting better and better everyday Tim! Fantastic news!! :D
Mishlyn - I am so pleased for you Susan! It is so amazing all you have overcome! You are so very inspiring ... More »
Susan - Thanks Michelle. You are inspiring too. I was vegetarian from about 10 till my mid 30's. I alw... More »
Timo - Hi Michelle. I didn't asked to be tested for candida. I was in a upper GI endoscopy for other i... More »
Timo - I have one super-potent steroid ointment, but I use it very sparingly, and not on large areas. O... More »
Mishlyn - Thanks Tim :) I have never used olive oil to moisturize, just coconut oil and recently grapeseed ... More »
Timo - Michelle: I was re-reading your comment/question about biologics, and yes I was able to use biol... More »
Susan - I've done fasting but only for a couple days by drinking water and broth only. Kind of a Faith t... More »
Timo - The program was referring to a fast that can last as long as 2, 3 weeks, or even up to 40 days. ... More »
Susan - Tim fasting is always a good thing in my opinion. I like the term industrial disease. It's very... More »
john,Hulk - i hope that goes well tim, keep us updated and hope things improve for you :)
Susan - Tim I'm excited to see what happens.
Angie - I am glad you are taking care of yourself. I am excited to hear about how your treatment progress... More »
Deleted account - I have always wondered if there was somewhere I could move to where I wouldn't get my seasonal fl... More »
Mishlyn - It truly is a beautiful thing! ❤❤
Diane - I agree Tim, it stops me from feeling so isolated when I can have contact with people from all ov... More »
Timo - Hi Sasha. Flaym won't allow me to post brand names. All I can say is it starts with the letter ... More »
Sasha - 😂 gotcha! I've been on that one for 2 months with noticeable results. Good luck to ya!
Mishlyn - Good Luck Tim! Looking forward to hearing your progress! If you dont mind sharing, did you take a... More »
Susan - Tim I know the disappearing with music. Just last week my boyfriend who is rather new in my life... More »
Deleted account - Susan, you just saying the "Moody Blues" sends me to another world ....saw Justin Hayward with th... More »
Susan - Glad Will. I love all kinds of music. Love the drummer in Blue Rodeo and Fleetwood Mac too. Gr... More »
Timo - I don't think it is a theory anymore, James. They now know that dogs can actually smell cancer. ... More »
Timo - Thanks Chewie. If I had as much hair as you mine wouldn't be visible, but still damn uncomfortable.
john,Hulk - yes, i keep getting cream stuck in my fur :)
Susan - Holy cow Tim... I just googled it and had no idea. Thanks for the info.
Sarah - That's really interesting, Tim. I've never thought about it affecting platelets but that makes so... More »
Gideon - I think so coz when my P's on flare. I feel my bloodstreams expanding.
Timo - Yes. Always more music. I'm playing a wedding tomorrow... with pay to boot. All good. Been p... More »
Polyp - Yes, it's nice to get paid. What do you play?
Timo - I've been primarily a drummer for 40 years, now. Can play a little guitar, bass and piano. Love... More »
Eileen - Hi Tim, leaky gut plays a part in the severity of the condition, it may help to speak wit an nutr... More »
Timo - Hi Eileen. Thanks for the response. I've always wondered about Leaky Gut, as I've had stomach tr... More »
Lynn - Tim, have you researched any companies that are natural/organic and have non toxic products! The... More »
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