Craig @Carpbeat24

San Francisco, CA, United States

In the creative field. Bay Area native. Christmas is my favorite time of year. 25 years young. Gay.


Susan - You know Craig, we all have qualifications to live an abundant life. I do not mean money either.... More »
john, DARTS VADER - hello craig,you dont want to think stuff like that, it will not help you I know and most here do ... More »
Jill - Craig- It's so good to hear from you again. I know you do not want to be a burden to your famil... More »
adrian - I work as a retail supervisor on a holiday park
SimonLFC1976 - I own my own business running 3 service websites, after spending 22 years in the Telecoms industry
Susan - Craig I have moved from being in the dental field mostly in management as a dental assistant too.... More »
Deleted account - @foody, well done Kim, good luck with it.
Kim - Thanks Dave. It's my HRT. I have other another 6 tablets to take so should finish about September.
Holli - Hope you feel better soon <3
Susan - Never used it on my psoriasis but I did use it on a massive bruise I had years ago and my bruise ... More »
Lori - I've used grapeseed and teatree mixed and it helped a little.
Michael brown - God is with you
Deleted account - Hi Craig, I'm of the mind that whatever you do needs to be successful as part of a daily regime a... More »
john, DARTS VADER - nope,i just eat fresh veg and salads,i think i would drop if i fasted though, it is a choice a ... More »
john, DARTS VADER - when i went on gluten and wheat for my test also to see if i would be effected ,my armpits,not go... More »
Susan - Cut out sugar, limit fruit, bread and pasta turn to sugar in our bodies. I don't have a problem ... More »
Sharon Smith - The sugar thing is interesting and something else for me to try Thank you
Monaka - I don't date any more (got a Husband ) but when we were dating it was just on my knees and it was... More »
michael - Get out there and socialise, Other people problems to what you got , does not make them worth wor... More »
Emily - I've had it for the last 4 years and i've been in a relationship for the last 2 years. it's reall... More »
Christine - Hello, Craig! Your plan sounds good. Keep us updated with your results.
Afina - I don't know if it helps for this form off psoriasis.....but when I have an outbreak that comes t... More »
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