Chris @Chris70

Carlisle, United Kingdom

Cope as well as possible with psoriasis, like reading,cinema,walks,food


john,darts vader - Yes i put a post up quite a few months ago about this with products like E45 was a culprit, why s... More »
Michelle - Just horrible! :( My goodness, Very scary indeed.
Michelle - 😳 terrible news. well, we need to be very careful now.
Jeanette - Put a tiny amount of oil before bed at night on eyelids. Use a cotton swab in warm water to clean... More »
Michelle - Good to hear it wasn't from your eyelids Chris! 😊
Sarah - That means your eyelashes are working as per the original design then Chris, catching the flakes ... More »
Sarah - Flop those limbs out, Chris! Go on my son!
Chris - One day I might spell correctly as well 😂😂😂
Michelle507 - One miracle a day is all you get - spell checking ain’t it! Next time wear shorts along with th... More »
Candice - For me, my first autoimmune disease was ulcerative colitis then a few years later, Graves’ diseas... More »
Lynn - Candice, you’re over the Graves’ disease right? Just curious because my sister had that so many y... More »
Candice - Hi Lynn, I no longer have any issues with Graves’ disease. I had my thyroid removed with a radioa... More »
Stacy - Yeah actually but only on certain areas I have a perfect little patch starting on my armpit of al... More »
Paige78 - Mine start to form in various shapes and I try to figure out what they look like besides a scale!
Michelle - I have had heart shapes more than once! Lol
Sarah - Absolutely! Every time I'm getting ill, the deep skin burn happens, right down in the very base l... More »
Nan195 - Hi Chris, thinking back, when I was not well, my P did flare up, take care 🌹
Geraldine - Yes stress and unwellnes and diet Are triggers
Phil - Is that what they're called these days? Lol
Sarah - Lube it, lube it! (Don't slip over)
john,darts vader - yep, i do like to lube myself up a bit from time to time,keep it lubed indeed :)
carol - Good to hear especially improvement with just using home remedies. Stay strong.
Ellen - Awesome.....
Geraldine - Thats great Chris
Nan195 - So true Carol, mine likes cool to cold water and Olive Oil Moisturises. Take care and very Happ... More »
Susan - Cool Chris. Mine never got worse in the winter either. Not sure why some have it worse in the w... More »
Ellen - I heard the best way to describe it for people who suffer with p in the winter as body trying to ... More »
Marietes - Happy New Year to you all..May the God almighty shine grace to us that can cure or improve our co... More »
Laura - I love your thoughts Marietes
Michelle - Happy New Year Chris! :)
Deleted account - ...I regularly watch episodes of “Skippy” on there...😂🤓
Deleted account - The 70's was THE BEST era EVER!
Deleted account - That’s absolutely right, 70’s t.v at its finest, beats todays junk hands down......absolutely lov... More »
john,darts vader - great news chris ,no snowing in your house over xmas :)
Nan195 - This is good news Chris, all the best 🌹
Michelle - Wonderful Chris! :D Have you been doing anything differently? Really great to hear!
Susan - Hey Chris, yoga and moisturizing as the same time. Great multitasking. LOL
Sarah - Hehe wow, good efficient planning, Chris! Just don't get so slippery you can't get up from the lo... More »
Nan195 - Fabulous Chris 🌹
Michelle - Just Fantastic Chris!! :D Happy to hear this!
john,darts vader - thats great chris .good news :)
Sarah - Yeowwwch Chris! So sore. Oh yep done similar too... takes ages to settle!
Anita - Oh yes it hurts really bad
Charlene - Oh my,...what exactly are you using? For your eye
Michelle - Sounds wonderful Chris! I never knew there was an actual black swan 😀 lol very cool!
Mackamlady - Should go to Dawlish in Devon they have black swans all year round x
Susan - Good for you for walking Chris. Exercise is food for the soul... You are soooooo lucky to see a ... More »
Diane - I have it too. My feet are always peeling and spotty. Even between my toes. Most uncomfortable.
Anita - It is the most uncomfortable feeling in the world
Nan195 - Here’s hoping your feet are better now Chris🌹
john,darts vader - thanks chris, i do try to be positive :) sorry about the cornflakes,glad you are happy :)
Susan - Hey Chris. Blessings to you as well. It's been a super weekend. Cleaned this "dive" today so n... More »
Polyp - Glad to here that. I too seem to be going through a cornflake free period. Positivity and an abil... More »
Nan195 - Hi Everyone. a happy Sunday to all. My skin loves Olive Oil, so it’s an Olive Oil Moisturizer al... More »
Nan195 - Hi James, Germolene smells yummy, Just like Wicks Pink Bubble Gum used to smell. Happy Sunday 🌹
Susan - Happy Sunday to you Nan and everyone. Very mild her in Vernon, BC.
Sarah - Nowadays I only use Aveeno moisturiser because it suits me the best. But have it in many forms, a... More »
Roxanne - I use one for my face and other thicker ones for my body.
Shawn - Only coconut oil a couple times a day
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