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Debbie - Thank you Susan. Yes that is it. Has anyone used it ? Results?
Jill - I use it and have had pretty good results. If you write to them on their fb page, they will mess... More »
Debbie - Thank you Jill . I really appreciate your response
john,Hulk - i am taking a lot of it darren asmine is in powder frorm, i just chuck in and go through the quic... More »
john,Hulk - i should say 4 nights of beer drnking in 2 months i would not be doing ,not 4 weeks ,sounds goo... More »
port - I started taking the powder about two weeks now no difference with p but it makes you feel good i... More »
Kim - My big triggers are tomatoes and anything citrus including marmalades and jams. White wine is als... More »
Shawn - Kim I squeeze a slice of lemon in my water - does that amount of citrus effect you? I was doing i... More »
Kim - Hi Shawn, yes. Any amount of citrus inflames me.
Jennifer - I drink raw acv "with the mother" and take a turmeric capsule (with black pepper to asorb better)... More »
Sarah - It's really helping my longstanding psoriasis and recent (and first) guttate flare. Has brought t... More »
Diane - I have just started using hemp seed oil. Making my skin very soft and moisturized. My spots don't... More »
Leonie - Hi Debbie. I started using Tea tree oil app 8 weeks ago. I add it to everything. Shampoo's, b... More »
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