Dave @Dave13

Paper cut artist, tech engineer, follow Buddhism, ......oh....and I don't reply to private messages From people I don't know!


Roxanne - Yes and I haven't been bothered since.
john - they know I am from the dark side so, no one bothers me now :)
john - unless they want some help with lifestyle changes that's fine , happy to help :)
Dave - Thanks John, so does yours now I can see what it is..
Sharon (Sherry) - Just to let you know, Dave, I'm not a creep and I've just realized I haven't been following you e... More »
Dave - @sherry Lol, why would I think you were a creep?....Thought never crossed my mind, we all follow... More »
Dave - I'm one of the lucky ones John, not much flares it up so its just this or better, rarely worse. B... More »
Anton - So glad you've found something that helps/relieves it Dave. Some years ago I found a pinetar s... More »
Dave - @tarquinious..Hi Anton, thanks, no, I stopped using the steroidal creams etc years ago, I just us... More »
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