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agb - Happy Belated Birthday. What kind of cake did you enjoy?
Dave - Thanks Agb, madeira sponge with jam and cream.
jacqui - hi Dave, im new but just read your post and that you had a great birthday. most of all that y... More »
Jacqueline - Dave your comment to John made me spew my drink more than it shoulda 😂
Dave - @jholly....couldn’t resist 😜
Susan - I love skinless or skin on almonds!!!
john - haha,i am letting it all rest down :)seems my work is cut out floating between looking here and o... More »
Nan195 - Take care John, you’ll be growing roots soon 😂😂😂
john - hopefully more roots out of my head though i still have a lot of hair so, i am okay for now thank... More »
Michelle - Love cocoa butter!! I use it on my face and hands. :D
Susan - I love that smell but only use aloe vera.
Jack - Hell yeah, Palmer's cocoa butter FTW!
agb - I stick to my food choices 90% of the time. I will now only eat a small portion of something if ... More »
Susan - Been doing this a long time. Always a big salad, olive oil on the side, protein of some sort. T... More »
Susan - And heck if you want something have it. It really depends on if you want to stay better or have ... More »
Dave - Sorry Jecyslims, I do not private message people. It is an open forum to help people with psorias... More »
Dave - I'm off, back when flaym pulls its finger out.....
Janice - I use Cetraben Cream, it is SLS and Paraben free, I was given this by my GP when my entire body b... More »
Polyp - I feel that I can't make decisions about any situation until I know the options. I find too much ... More »
Michelle - Thanks Dave! It is an on-going process that requires work everyday. Some days are easier than oth... More »
john - no different thanks dave :)
Will - I have 15 or more tattoos. Most of them bigger than my fist or two. Normally they are my own vers... More »
Sharon - 4 tattoos, doesn't seem to form on them, maybe I need more....lol
Lebydee - I had my first tattoo 12 moths ago. I chose the calf with no P on it. Within 2 weeks I had develo... More »
Dave - Anytime Nan, hope it helps, another avenue, another string to our bow.
Janice - Thanks for the information Dave.
Dave - Anytime Janice 😉
Susan - Linda that is a very tough spot. I have had it too. You might want to try a bath with lots of o... More »
Nan195 - Hi Dave, that patch probably likes money, go out and spoil yourself...it's a sign 😀
Dave - I better spend it Nan before it burns a hole in my pocket...and a hole in my a..... lol
Stacy - I was very clear last February no aches and pains or noting I was on a complete health buzz and t... More »
Stacy - oh sorry just got what you meant 😂 but no I don’t think so with me anyway I think when something’... More »
Janice - When I am stressed, I don't think about my skin more likely my blood pressure. I do find that on... More »
Susan - I've never heard of it but it is almost the same as Moringa with it being a natural plant and all... More »
Susan - Good for you Chris. I kind of did the same thing. No processed and I am not rigid. I absolutel... More »
Kim - I will have a look at that Dave thanks.
Susan - Dave I agree... I've done that too. Lots of "you think your's is bad, you should see mine". Som... More »
john - haha, yes susan, so true :)i put comments now and again on these sites but,thats it,let them get ... More »
Janice - I have been tempted to click on other sites and then I think nah! Flaym is good and takes up so ... More »
Kim - Thank you John and Nan. I just wish he would change his diet but he won't.
agb - I believe so. As my rhumatologist said when you have inflammation it is all in your body. For... More »
Susan - It's a though. Fruit can cause inflammation...Sugar content is high.
Dave - Sarah’s Nightshade free Saturday night curry! Fry meat or veg in oil. Add spices: turmeric, c... More »
Michelle - Here is a recipe for a yummy anti-inflammatory soup :) Carrot Soup with Turmeric and Ginger ... More »
Lorna Penner - Healthy Veg soup---Large pot--1/2 a cabbage chopped--1-lg onion chopped ((((or yellow) 1-potato ... More »
Don - I've not tried any dietary changes and my doctors haven't suggested any. Buy I'm interested in wh... More »
Susan - Don do NOT rely on your doctor for dietary changes to help you. They have very little knowledge ... More »
john - i agree with susan don, doctors treat symptoms not route cause of psoriasis, they are not interes... More »
john - sounds good dave like you , I am in the uk too,damp and wet most of the year:( :)
Dave - Yeah, we'll have to suck this one up John....lol
Gail - I am highly allergic to Eucalyptus😤
john - yep, some lifestyle changes are better than none but, its a choice a choice for everyone :)
Dave - Lol, that John, bloody kils me.
Susan - I've used the block recently when I got a "Hello dear"...
Dave - Thanks John, so does yours now I can see what it is..
Sherry - Just to let you know, Dave, I'm not a creep and I've just realized I haven't been following you e... More »
Dave - @sherry Lol, why would I think you were a creep?....Thought never crossed my mind, we all follow... More »
Dave - I'm one of the lucky ones John, not much flares it up so its just this or better, rarely worse. B... More »
Anton - So glad you've found something that helps/relieves it Dave. Some years ago I found a pinetar s... More »
Dave - @tarquinious..Hi Anton, thanks, no, I stopped using the steroidal creams etc years ago, I just us... More »
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