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Columbia, SC, United States

I only hope to make you think Medical Student (Holistic - Homeopathy and Ayurveda among others) Electrical Engineer


Sarah - Welcome back, Dex. I think we have a big spectrum of options as people living with psoriasis, wit... More »
Dex - I enjoy both of y’alls input! Life is definitely about balance, especially physically, mentally, ... More »
Dex - We are bacteria from birth. Either you are probiotic (pro-life) or antibiotic (anti-life). Opp... More »
Susan - John you are right. Being healthy in our diets is always good with or without autoimmune disease... More »
Mishlyn - Good stuff John! I was the same way when I did elimination 2 years ago. I was able to eat certain... More »
john,Hulk - i go to the toby carvery next week but, i will eat all veg and some meat, i can have as big plate... More »
Susan - Dex about 10 years ago I was on this path of self discovery. That's one of the best things I eve... More »
Deleted account - Not like you have real surf in the Atlantic Rex , says ex-cali dude
Nan195 - Touché and thank you Susan 🌹
Beth - Oh Dex, I have so much homework to do, I think Google and I will become fast friends...GAP?? Micr... More »
Deleted account - Dex , glad someone else is aware of the ex-cellular matrix interstitial fluid has the ability t... More »
Deleted account - Also in this sense one can see the relationship on how this leads to other diseases. How sad as P... More »
Theresa - I'm new, was just diagnosed this year, don't know what autoimmune means, I've never been sick, no... More »
Susan - Theresa welcome to the site. You keep on here and you will learn alot about what can help you. ... More »
Nan195 - Thank You Dex, looking forward to reading your Posts. My P is sleeping, John’s Diet and Susan’s ... More »
Dex - To help understand my journey, I lost my health-insurance at one point. I spent years with my en... More »
Susan - Dex that's awesome. I never did go the route of immunosuppresants. I just did a diet/lifestyle ... More »
Dex - Susan, I grew up in an U.S. Military family so as a kid through 21 I always walked into the hospi... More »
Dex - Self-improvement is key to psoriasis!! Ayurveda is a great source of information towards healthy ... More »
Sarah - Hi Dex, welcome to Flaym! There's a lot of interest in natural approaches here, there is also a t... More »
Dex - Thanks Sarah!! Definitely look forward to helping share anything/everything that has helped me! ... More »
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