Shawn @EatOrganic

Tallahassee, FL, United States

Goals - retire before death - travel abroad more often - stop adopting chihuahuas - make time for charitable causes - leave corporate America in the dust and open my own business


Susan - Shawn I have no issues with nightshades, but I did get my gut health in order for a long time now... More »
john,Hulk - Fantastic Shawn sounds great,gotta have a life sometimes and enjoy some tasty things to eat from ... More »
Sarah - It's a big win Shawn! That's great. Looks like you've done enough work on your body that you've r... More »
Michelle - Ok I said I'm going to start next week Monday (it's Friday here today) but....I've started last n... More »
Sarah - That sounds so delicious Michelle! Love the idea of the fruit with it!
Jen - Wow Michelle. I love that you can eat a big juicy steak! I miss meat but unfortunately can't dig... More »
Mishlyn - I understand that completely Elaine. Was 24 years for me feeling alone with p. I think many of us... More »
Shawn - Elaine if you are interested in name brands I’ll private message you however here are the supplem... More »
Susan - Thats quite the list Shawn. LOL... I'd be broke here in BC... Vitamins are pretty costly unless ... More »
GITTL - i try to eat fruit & veggies organic, chicken w/o hormones or antibiotics,turkey mostly, almost n... More »
Sarah - That sounds great, GITTL! I'm interested to see if I'll eventually be able to reintroduce some go... More »
Rita - GITTL, I love spelt bread too but no longer eat it since it has gluten. At this time, I’m not eat... More »
Deleted account - Steve's drink , which he posted a pic of over there, looks really good .. it could persuade me to... More »
john,Hulk - thanks shawn for your reply, i have only just seen it after 16 days, thats a lot of days :) very... More »
Shawn - @hellzbellz100 - Helen this thread may provide some insight -
Joan - I am definitely doing vitamins and several supplements vitamins C, D3, magnesium, iron, biotin, b... More »
Chris - Susan, does this supplement routine keep you clear?
Susan - Chris I was clear before the Moringa, but I do think it's keeping me clear and healthy. Plus it'... More »
Deleted account - Yes, I use the raw, unfiltered apple cider twice daily - a tablespoon in cranberry juice (without... More »
Sarah - Yes I've found this really helpful. I just have a couple of teaspoons in a glass with my breakfas... More »
Kelly - I just started the acv mixed with turmeric and pepper. I hope it helps.
Jessy Augustine - Shawn, happy to hear your progress. Can you tell us about your trigger foods? Tell us about your ... More »
Shawn - Jessy - I have been a life long vegetarian but I was a junk food and fast food junkie for 14 year... More »
Julian - Shawn- share some of the foods you enjoy for snacks, now that you're fully organic. Any yummy dis... More »
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