Shawn @EatOrganic

Tallahassee, FL, United States

Goals - retire before death - travel abroad more often - stop adopting chihuahuas - make time for charitable causes - leave corporate America in the dust and open my own business


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James @ferns
I don't respond to private messages.
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Sarah @sarahuk

United Kingdom

Psoriasising since 1997...
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Carole @carole382

Ottawa, ON, Canada

I’m 73 and still taking courses. I would love to get rid of the tight skin f...
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Karin @karinm

London, United Kingdom

Nothing funny about me, I'm just quite average...
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Michelle @michelle1021

Alberton, Gauteng, South Africa

I really, Really love wine...
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Flaym @flaym

Copenhagen, Denmark

Your official go-to source for #psorvivor blurbs, secrets and tips from Flaym...
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Mishlyn @mishlyn

Ontario, Canada

One of my biggest lessons in life and with Psorasis is: ❤when you change t...
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Cherie @cherie2

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

I am a grandma of two beautiful grandchildren. I sew for children in need ev...
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Dex @Dex

Columbia, SC, United States

I only hope to make you think Medical Student (Holistic - Homeopathy and Ayu...
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Claire @mamaclaire

Fresno, CA, USA

Single mama directing my little California circus with a bit o' psoriasis thr...
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Diana @diana6

Nashville, NC, United States

I love gardens and flowers, I am a Florist by trade.
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Jack @psoriasisblob

London, UK

It was when a homeopathist told me to drink snake venom, because I shed skin ...
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Joana @joanabautista

Seattle, WA, United States

I've had psoriasis since I was 12. Long sleeves & pants is my type of fashion...
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Kelly @Yellek0179

Sarasota, FL, United States

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Dean @dean87

Telford, United Kingdom

I once had a bit of psoriasis on my back shaped like France I haven't even ...
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Sherry @sherry
I'm a wife, a mother, and a grandmother. I am here to show support to y'all ...
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Paula @Momo

Dublin, Ireland

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