Erica @Eri

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

It is what it is


Michelle - Wonderful news Erica. I wish you all the luck and keep us posted on your progress okay. Hope you ... More »
Rosey - Erica it's people like you that paves the way for all of us that need to do the medical treatment... More »
Michelle - I agree Rosey.
john,Hulk - Your welcome Erica , Being positive does help, Thank you
Michelle - Welcome back Erica. I'm glad the trial is going good but like John said, try not to think ahead t... More »
Erica - Thank you Michelle, always great to talk to all of you.
john,Hulk - What i do Erica, i take it one or a few flakes at a time in the winter ,glad trials been okay :)... More »
Erica - Thank you John, appreciate it. 10 months into the trial and still happy.
psomom - That’s great. Would love to know what that trial is!
Rosey - Oh no hope she will be ok?
Erica - @ Rosey I hope so, it is incurable but at least having a diagnosis is always the first step in th... More »
Rosey - Hoping she gets through this and yourself as well,can see you are a good support for her,as you s... More »
Michelle - Very interesting but I would be scared to use all those meds at the same time.
Erica - I am scared of meds in general het. But he says the dosage for each patient differs.
Michelle - I wish them good luck and hope it works well. I used cortisone 20 years ago and stopped it after ... More »
john,Hulk - Thank you Erica :)
Rosey - What's the trial,ill give my tired p body to science bit they prob won't want it,haha,id be a soc... More »
Erica - @Rosy trust me I was told I looked the worst of em all hahaha. I was desperate for help. I am gla... More »
Chris - Erica I had depression before P but still took me a long time to accept it,when I got to that po... More »
Rosey - What do clouds do when they have psoriasis?
Rosey - They look for the nearest skyscraper,,haha Lame I know but kind of funny ,best I could come up ... More »
Erica - Hi Sue yes because it is a medical trial I don't pay for the treatment. One injection would have... More »
Rosey - Wish I could be a trial person,wold luv to get rid of it
john,Hulk - Sorry about this Sue,yes i know what you mean,though there can be a dark side to these trials,so... More »
Erica - @Suze one way to clear the pool and have it all to yourself hey. What people doesn't seem to unde... More »
Glenn - So far, in the short period ive been here, ive come to notice youre all insane 😂😂 If by any chanc... More »
Michelle - Aaaah Glenn you're talking my language, imagine all us flakers on an island! Priceless.
Rosey - Haha @Erica,thought you wanted symptoms to get out of work for having p,not for having mental pro... More »
Sarah - Ohhh I would have massive karmic issues about that haha! I am such a stickler for "the rules". I ... More »
Erica - @Sarah I am your classic work and no play... Not fun. Just some serious wishful thinking haha
Sarah - I have never done a trial but it's something I could consider depending on the intensity of the t... More »
marilyn - Be very careful on the 'trial' thing. I went on a trial (injections) and I blame that for me get... More »
Erica - @Marilyn I am very sorry to hear about you getting Lymphoma. I really really hope it is not relat... More »
Ed - I sometimes get annoyed when friends or family comment on the visible effects of psoriasis and se... More »
Deleted account - Let it all hang out and sod the critics! I never cover up at all and only rarely get a question ... More »
Maureen - I'm not a good example for this question as I very rarely go out and if I do I am mostly covered ... More »
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