Kim @Foody

London, United Kingdom

Have been a flaker for 48 years. I'm happy in my skin. Please don't message me, I will report you.

Kim - Thanks John.
john,darts vader - thanks kim, i just hope you get better, i am starting to get more psoriasis now after my weekend ... More »
Sarah - Kim, I am dreading it as I know what an effect hormone changes has had on my psoriasis in the pas... More »
Roxanne - Have a great time.
Harold - Hi Kim. So how did it go with the killer dress & heels? Hope that you had a blast.
Susan - Hope you had fun. Wish I could wear heels. I'd break my neck. LOL
Deleted account - I get sick of the references to P........but I’m still here 🤣🤣🤣
Kim - Thanks Dave. Thought I was only one!!
Deleted account - No Kim...we roll the same...
Sarah - Sounds worth it Kim :)
Janice - Hopefully the soreness will soon subside and you feel it was worth it, I bet you had a great time... More »
Kim - Thanks everyone. I had a great time. It was my first big night out alone since I split with my bo... More »
Susan - Good for you will21. Exercise plays a big part as it is great for stress relief and renewing of ... More »
john,darts vader - thats great will21,:) i thought i saw a puddie cat :)
Annette - It is an old problem and I don't think it shortens your life but as you get older other things ta... More »
Mickg48 - Well it happened again I just finished a rsther long post and couldn't post it do went to Lasse a... More »
Mickg48 - There you go that post went through no worries.
Susan - Mickg48... I've had that happen before trying to post but it's not allowed. I then think what wo... More »
Karin - It seems it is so very easy to pick on it without really being conscious of doing it too!
Sherry - Ouch!!
Asha - Yes! Don't realise i'm even doing it. It's almost therapeutic in a weird way 😂
sibongile - my psoriasis is in patches,i apply it with a finger
Nan195 - My hands love Olive Oil Cream with added Olive Oil. after each hand wash I massage it in. No P ... More »
Kim - Sounds good Nan. Is it the backs of your hands you have it, like me?
Susan - Christopher you are so right. Thinking about the WHAT IF's in life is kind of like asking for st... More »
Nadine - Mine went away when I got pregnant
Susan - Nadine that's terrific. Pregnancy was your cure. How cool is that!!!
Deleted account - I agree with that too , i hope we can all help each other.
melissa - I agreed with you.. I love it Here You make me very Comfortable .. so i do not want be alone
Linda - I remember studying the effects of stress usually show up in the body later, even in 6 month cycl... More »
Janice - I do know that when I had a shock 28 years ago it was exactly one week later that my palms and so... More »
Annette - Janice, I too noticed the pustular p is very related to stress and diet . The other p I have fl... More »
Harold - I've found that it's not so much a case of getting enough sleep than getting good quality sleep. ... More »
Kim - I agree Harold. I wear a Fitbit which monitors sleep levels. Most nights I only get between 40 mi... More »
Annette - I have never had trouble with sleeping and the p remains. In fact tv watches me sleep most times.
Kim - Hi Tony. Jordan got very high and very rude towards people on here. His account was deleted as yo... More »
Susan - Tony the longer I am on this site the more I think it is a support system and a great family that... More »
Janice - I think I have missed something, still only 229 posts to go.
Deleted account - We do Kim...usually we are battling ourselves! No need be sorry Kim.....I don't have them any lo... More »
Susan - Dave Brilliant and very well said. I love what yo said about the anxiety going into a restaurant... More »
Kim - Ah thanks Dave. I am so glad you fought and won your battles. I couldn’t get on a train and we... More »
Kim - Have a great time John.
john,darts vader - thank you kim, was a great day :) susan, yes, you are right , why you do have so many specialists... More »
Harold - I've found an inexpensive coal tar cream which has a very low odour works best for me. I've been ... More »
Kim - Hi Sarah. Thanks for asking. They are awful!! Worst they have been in a long time. I have just co... More »
Psoriatic4good - I am off alcohol since last night, but I was on alcohol from friday afternoon :) Some road tri... More »
Susan - Psoriatic4good. We all have those kinds of weekends. Honestly I cant remember the last over dri... More »
Dave - 1973 after walking into a lamp post! No remission since.
john,darts vader - hello dave,seriously,a lamp post and then got p? thats harsh,sorry to hear this
Dave - Yes john @chewbacca...weird how it starts eh?
Harold - I woke up this morning thinging (that's thinking & singing) "I left my flakes (heart) in San Fran... More »
Kim - Ha ha Harold, that's so funny!!
Kim - Thank you again John and Dave. I am in a lot of pain, the type that brings tears to your eyes s... More »
john,darts vader - hello kim, keep us updated ,hopefully they will help you in which ever way they can and give you ... More »
Kim - Thank you John.
john,darts vader - i know what you mean kim,i can be very tactful with residents and i ask about them and as usual t... More »
Vanessa - It can be depressing, and hard to deal with ignorant people, but educating them may empower you a... More »
Kim - I try to be understanding when I'm being stared at or having my change thrown at me but it is so ... More »
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