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Have been a flaker for 48 years. I'm happy in my skin. Please don't message me... I wil not answer.


Pat - Shellfish and hay
Kim - That's a new one Pat! Not heard of those before.
Dave - I'd heard about shellfish not being good, never heard of hay though.......
Kim - Thanks Joy.
Jullie - Oh my god Kim that's no good. 🤦‍♀️
Kim - Thank you Jullie. I won't be using it again though
Dave - Hi Sue, I guess it depends on if you let it bounce off you or not, a lot of people can or could g... More »
Kim - I'm with you Dave. It would be a shame if genuine vulnerable people got put off by these messages... More »
Susan - You are all so right... Being vulnerable is not good when you have these scammers flying around l... More »
john - hello kim,it was a great film,made me go ape ,so much action and I had some gluten free popcorn a... More »
Kim - Glad you enjoyed it John! The nuts too.
john - thank you kim, :)
Kim - Hi Annette. Very sorry to hear that. I think too often we take what is being said to us and we do... More »
Annette Gill - Thanks. On gabapentine now pain bearable. Just trying to get on with life. It's a bit flaky but i... More »
Dave - @AnnetteGill An osteopath will probably tell you straight away what is causing it and know how t... More »
john - looking for dates and friendships, relationships that sort of thing,
Susan - Paula your in mailbox on the top right by your picture... That's where you will get messages..
john - ah sorry, i got the wrong point of it , thanks susan , i see what paula meant now by your post, m... More »
Kim - I hope you heal soon Darren. It's just so soul destroying sometimes.
Andie - I have got the same problem Kim, I keep a bottle of Epaderm cream in the kitchen and bathroom, So... More »
Kim - Thank you Andie. I use a cream from Salcura which normally soothes my hands.
john - what I thought kim , some maybe bringing out the brillo pads soon :( scrubbing it just will agg... More »
Janice - Years ago when you went into hospital for treatment, a nurse would bath you and scrub your skin w... More »
Nan195 - Me too, this is not a Dating Site or a Pick up Site...
Janice - Susan, I know exactly what you are saying, I never learnt about food, always ate what I wanted ev... More »
Susan - Janice, what a memory. Not funny and at 18 years old of course anyone would be embarrassed... N... More »
john - strange you mention lettuce Janice, iceburg was a killer for me,why I don't eat it, I eat the sof... More »
Kim - Thanks Cheryl. It's just really starting to annoy me!
Kim - Thanks Victor.
Flaym - Hi folks. We're building specific features to easily monitor and report this kind of users. Stay ... More »
Mike - I used to work on a fishing boat years ago and I would have to lean on my knees a lot which was p... More »
Kim - Wow. Good idea Mike!
john - yes I have heard about the cling film to the skin, seems to help a lot of peoples skin doing thi... More »
Susan - Morning Kim.. I have never met an Atheist before. Nice to meet you... My mom had psoriasis on he... More »
Janice - I started having bleeding under the skin on my arms and back of my hands when I was about 60, I h... More »
Kim - Thank you Janice. I am in agreement with you. I first got blood under my skin about 2 or 3 years ... More »
Dave - No Kim, no triggers at all...fortunately. I can eat pasta with a fresh tomato sauce, chips covere... More »
Kim - Ooohhh Dave. Very jealous! I'm glad you can eat what you want!!!
john - i wish i knew which thing was the culprit last week, chips,burger,4 cofees,wedges,beans,booze,por... More »
Kim - Ha ha Shery. I just got the usual message and ignored it!
Sharon (Sherry) - Is funny, but not so funny, right, Kim?
Kim - Yes Sherry. It's not funny really. They are creeps.
Susan - Kim you could be right. I only took the tablets once that you are talking about. Maybe about a ... More »
john - i have one cross on my arm , home made with indian ink from 1984,its quite hidden,had it done kee... More »
Courtney - Yes i love tattoos 😍 i actually have 8 in total & counting. mainly away from my P though, as it o... More »
Susan - Oh man Seamus... I forgot to mention probiotics. In fact pre biotics are even more important. I... More »
Susan - Michael brown... Thanks for the medical information. I really had never heard of it described th... More »
Susan - Michael brown... I had no idea you could import the seeds. You are definitely right though... Th... More »
Susan - Good for you!
Sharon (Sherry) - Not sure what they think they are proving when they tell you that your hair is beautiful and matc... More »
Kim - Alex was on here telling everyone he had a cure, of course he also said it was expensive! I told ... More »
Mickg48 - I made that mistake but with my steroidal ointment and lotion stopped all at once instead of wean... More »
Kim - Angie you are so right. No one understands our problems apart from other sufferers.
Susan - Kim you are right. Since I joined this site I look forward to it every morning. How weird is th... More »
Kim - I know what you mean Susan. I look forward to checking in. Just the dodgy messages and the scamme... More »
Susan - Kim you are right. I'm more concerned for my neighbour who has psoriasis. She is rather shy and... More »
Kim - Good for you Susan. Give them hell!! They obviously have nothing better to do. Please let us kn... More »
john - yep, its in powder form,i just downed a lot of it and had a cofee straight after:)
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