Kim @Foody

London, United Kingdom

Have been a flaker for 48 years. I'm happy in my skin. Please don't message me, I will report you.


Kim - Ha ha. Thanks Mick.⭐️
Susan - I agree with Mickg48... Probably staring at you!
Kim - Ah thanks Susan. You are very kind.
Jullie - Don't feel bad at all. You deserve to be happy about not having much p at the moment and to get r... More »
Joni - Enjoy it!!
Kim - Thank you Jullie and Joni. 🌞
Kim - I know Jane. Maybe it's not clear enough why we are here. I hope you haven't got the same message... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - luckily, i have had polite messages from people,maybe some just want friends? as you can see, i ... More »
Jane :) - Hello Kim! Well, received messages but so far most are friendly mails. 😊
john,Chewweeeeee - think you are the lucky one dave :) we are all different i know, its finding the triggers,my skin... More »
Deleted account - @chewbacca I think the way I look at it helps immensely John. Sometimes we can mentally make it ... More »
Susan - Kim I agree. If what you do is not sustainable then it is a diet. A lifestyle change is very di... More »
Jane :) - I'm on this site because of my boyfriend and I'm really glad I'm here for a good reason... Not lo... More »
Cheryl - It's great to have a laugh .. some of my friends have started calling me Michael Jackson because ... More »
Kim - Wish I had thought of that Cheryl.!
john,Chewweeeeee - they say apple are fine in my research for arthritis anyway and strawberrys,for psoriasis maybe d... More »
Kim - Hi John. I think you are right. We all react differently. I think the most important thing is fin... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - i wish i knew kim,my body is trying to cope with all this healthy living, its not used to it thou... More »
Kim - Thankyou John and Mariebar. If I had known the damage PUVA would cause I would never had the trea... More »
Susan - Kim that's awful... I used to use that stupid light all the time...
Kim - Thanks Susan. I guess I was just one of the unlucky ones.
john,Chewweeeeee - psoriasis can give us a lot of other problems, though not everyone :(
Kim - Hi John. It's true what you say. It makes you wonder what other " delights" will come our way😀😀
Nan195 - Touché 🌹
michael - My comment on all this is with psorisasis, it becomes different horses for different courses. Yo... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - oliver, doctors,derms will dismiss diets, my doctor was pretty good well this one was,he let me... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - diets are a choice a choice for everyone,i dont know how i did,do it ,bad diets are not good for ... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - yes i have done , i have tried to be nice to it and try to ignore it and hope it will leave,get a... More »
Sherry - Hi Kim... I'm a firm believer in doing whatever it takes to keep yourself calm... I have flares q... More »
Kim - thanks all, I am glad I am not the only one so I can now declare myself sane- ish!!
Sherry - Psoriasis IS an autoimmune disease, in the same catagory as ALS (lupus).
Kim - Hi Sherry. Thanks I didn't know that.
Susan - Psoriasis is autoimmune... I have about 5 autoimmune conditions... Mine are all under control but... More »
Jorge Ayuso - Good, good, good!! Nice, nice, nice!! Patients like her help to all of us.
john,Chewweeeeee - thats good on her :) maybe it was her way of hoping to get the full seating to herself :), we... More »
Psoriatic4good - We all need to do that! Act like that our skin is normal, who want's to look and stare - would do... More »
Kelly - Me too especially if I cut my leg shaving nightmare 😩
Susan - Kim, Marianne is right... Not only do I bleed easily but also bruise easily. I'm hoping and pray... More »
Kim - I am the same Susan. I am sure mine is a combination of PUVA and steroid creams. Hindsight is a ... More »
Susan - Me too Kim. Takes time to respond and sometimes I just pass by the likes. Still this is much ni... More »
Kim - Enjoy Susan. ☕️
Pat - What food elimination helped, Kim?
Kim - Hi Pat. Big apologies I missed your comment! For me it's tomatoes, all citric fruit, apples, mel... More »
Kim - I have also added in, vitamins B, C, D3 and Zinc. Some foods on my list I can tolerate in small... More »
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