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Theresa - What are flare foods
Theresa - Flare foods??
john,Hulk - hello theresa, flare foods are generally bad foods for us psoriatics,i can list them if you like ... More »
Gail - Hi Bren, still waiting on authorization, but the company RN consultant called me Friday to go ove... More »
Sarah - Amazing Gail about the Moringa set, I will totally be sourcing one for myself! Thank you
Bren - Wow Gail that’s amazing!!! I’m gonna look into that as well :) keep us posted :)
john,Hulk - thats pants gail,try not to stress,easy said than done i know,sounds painful
Susan - Sorry to hear that Gail. After Christmas you might really want to give the whole elimination die... More »
Sarah - Great to hear you're feeling strong Gail, and sticking with your pathway you've found! Hope is th... More »
Jennifer - For the pain, turmeric works for me.. My elbows and knees were so swollen and everything hurt all... More »
Susan - Good for you Gail. I truly hope it works. Keep in mind the sugar in your diet. You can google ... More »
Susan - Geminiqueen gluten free is a good way to start. Lots more to go for healing but you have to star... More »
john,Hulk - thats how i started susan by giving up gluten and wheat and did slow elimaination over 2 months ... More »
Muir - That's amazing! I'm going to try a GF diet, thanks for the inspiration!
Sarah - That sounds great Gail! I'm sure that'll be useful to loads of people who are interested in gut h... More »
James - I just took a look at these on amazon, not expensive at all. I also asked a friend of mine who's ... More »
Gail - Jenny, USA. John, I have been very good all week, no gluten. I actually feel like I lost weight... More »
Mishlyn - That's Great Gail!! The whole 30 is basically what I did when I had great success with dietary ch... More »
john,Hulk - good luck with your changes gail :)
Lynn - My sister has to eat gluten free. She has found some tasty breads and pastas that I have tried on... More »
Sarah - 🎃 🎃 🎃
michael - Watch out for the ghouls and ghosts. Am more afraid of the living ghosts than the dead ones. ... More »
Deleted account - it's getting a lot colder now and damp as well
Deleted account - Thank you Gail I'm heading off very soon myself there's just so much a person can take God b... More »
john,Hulk - sounds great gail :)
Sarah - Hi Gail, I haven't but am considering consulting a dietician about anti inflammatory diet and int... More »
Gail - Sarah, I was researching diets for Psoriasis too, that’s were I read about Gluten Free helping.
john,Hulk - gluten free can help a lot of psoriatics gail though i am not gluten intolerant, i choose to leav... More »
Gail - And....what’s your skin care secrets Lynn? I just use Dove soap (for years) and Burt’s bees face... More »
Susan - I would try coconut oil mixed with aloe vera gel.
TRicia - I agree my hands feel so sore
Bren - Yes Gail People actually eat it the leaves right off the tree or in salads. The leaves have all... More »
Sarah - Hi Gail yep I do get patches that have not ever flaked but that are bright red.
Jeri - I get little red spots before a flare and they itch like the devil. Can't say about the panther d... More »
Gail - Fluids 🤔 Does Tequila count 😎
Deleted account - Tequila ??...only the really good stuff know the $50 a bottle stuff ;-)
john,Hulk - 2 to 3 litres a day should be ok gail haha:)
john,Hulk - gail , you make me laugh :)
Susan - Good for you Gail. Hang in there.
Sarah - Gail that's ace! Sounds fantastic. What you are missing out in food envy, you must be gaining in ... More »
john,Hulk - thats pants gail, sorry to hear this, i get dry eye syndrome, lucky not as bad as years ago,i kno... More »
Mishlyn - Ah Gail, I hope you are able to find some relief soon 💖💖
Susan - Gail I have blepharitis too. No issues to speak of but it was my diet/lifestyle changes that hel... More »
john,Hulk - hello gail, its a combination of using crude 2 to 4% coaltar and light therapy UVB, there is ris... More »
Susan - Yes I have heard of it Gail. The thing is that anything you use on the skin gets absorbed into t... More »
hope - ooh, i hadn't heard about the organic monkey poo...but i live in florida and theres a monkey isla... More »
hope - oh john...that post is on your monkey poo comment😄😄😄
john,Hulk - sounds good hope, thats funny and gails post, :) its amazing what we would do to rid psoriasis, ... More »
Mishlyn - I've found great relief with Epsom salt baths 😊 never has made my skin worse. Good Luck Gail!! 💖
Sabrina - I've been doing epson salt baths with coconut oil. Too early to tell if it's going to work but it... More »
Jeri - I like an Epsom salt bath with oil and lavender. I do need to use lotion and oil right after, too... More »
Sarah - It can be so easy to spend so much on getting new creams etc can't it. We live in hope!
Jeri - Let us know how it works out!
Gail - Just received my Shipment! We shall see how the goes.
Gail - Paul, one thing that works wonderfully on the pain and itching, won't help clear it at all, but w... More »
Paul - Unfortunately I haven't found that to help...just must be my body doesn't react to it
Jeri - Pain, itching, trauma from not knowing what we will look/feel like every day because nothing stay... More »
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