Lawrence @Makelarray

Copenhagen, Denmark

Lover of water and outdoor activities, kite surfing and surfing mad! Got P. 2 or so years ago and am trying to not let it stop me doing what I love. Life has it's ups and downs, just like the waves in the ocean.


G - I agree with mary henna is the best way to avoid it! In addition it has a very nice smell and if ... More »
john,Hulk - Yep, No notifications, Been asked to come back Lawrence many times but no notifications on what... More »
Susan - I think we are all getting Flaym messages now for some reason. Dipro lotion is great for the sca... More »
john,Hulk - Hello Lawrence, Glad all this helps:), I been on liverel for a month and now changed to well man... More »
Lawrence - Hi John, hope you're doing well too. Have you noticed any results so far with the new suppleme... More »
john,Hulk - Hello Lawrence, I still follow my diet , no results from supplements so far,, i just let my hair ... More »
john,Hulk - i sprinkle my turmeric on my food like a none flaker sprinkling sugar on their cornflakes :)
Lesley - What is curcuma please ?
Norrmall4me - My daughter has suggested turmeric for me. I've made a tea a couple of times. Taste is not the gr... More »
Susan - Sounds good Lawrence, minus the garlic. Allergic to it. I hope it helps you.
Sarah - Thanks for sharing! Sounds stinky with the garlic! 😆
Lawrence - Not too bad with the garlic. I've grown up with it as my dad had it when I was a child so I don't... More »
Susan - Lawrence I drink the powder but it's not awful. Made by a company that I decided to join. No, n... More »
Kim - I think it depends where you get it Susan. Yours has been made to taste nice, the o do i brought ... More »
Kim - Sorry. Should read, one I brought.
Lawrence - Yea I know the feeling all too often in my line of work! It's so easy to give in to the pressures... More »
Susan - I totally agree... We have to let our hair down. I know when I recently did 2 nights of crap foo... More »
Lawrence - It's always a great idea at the time! The feeling the next day is always problem ;)
Kim - Same for me. Branston pickle in my lunch yesterday and now I'm all red!
Holli - Same... whenever my psoriasis shows signs of getting better I end up treating myself to something... More »
Kelly - I'm the same normally 3 days my skin is flared up 😢
Becca - Hi Lawrence, same for me with skin flares up within hours. With alcohol it's usually t... More »
Lawrence - Just seen these responses! Thanks guys, always good to get new info. Thinking of making a chart o... More »
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