Dawn @MammaStosch


Roxanne - Me too Dawn.
Stacy - Omg really I never knew you could get it in your ears or nose 😳😳 but everythign is starting to ma... More »
Deleted account - The process that creates this is universal across the entire body. Proteins are delivered the sam... More »
Sarah - Welcome back, Dawn!
Dawn - Rick—I do know what AD ointment is!! Used it when my kids were young!! My derm gave me cream t... More »
Heather - Sorry but what is AD ointment? Thanks
Angela - I had it on my eyelids at one time. There is a prescription steroid that can be used around the ... More »
Timo - I, too, deal with some around my eyes, and under my eyebrows. I use one of the weaker steroids l... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - i didnt want to use steriod on my face, i shaved and it looked bad,i had the look of a blow torch... More »
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