Mike @MidasHands

New Jersey

My mother suffered with psoriasis most of her life. I have dedicated my life to helping others with this disease. If you want to learn more about what I do please click on the web globe below.


Kim - Hi Mike. I have also just read your bio. I am very happy to see that although you deal in remedie... More »
Annette Gill - Hi I had infantile eczema then contact dermatitis. It wasn't until I had to go onto steroids for... More »
Mike - Wow! Thank you all for sharing.
john - I do indeed mike , changes in lifestyle do help ,psoriasis is not from the skin but, from within ... More »
Karan - I normally use Vaseline to remove hardened plaques
Sarah - I find Aveeno Daily Moisturising lotion is the only cream I use on my scalp because it soaks into... More »
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