Ruth @MissD

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa


Mishlyn - Absolutely not for sale! :D Lol Not worth giving up who I am :)
Steve - Not selling my soul, but I no good & well they will come out with a cure for P while I'm lying on... More »
dorothy - Nope I would not get rid of it I am happy I lived with it for so long maybe if i'm older I would ... More »
Michael - We are rare and unique!! Make us special!! Who else can say they are 2 in 100!! Hold your head ... More »
Nan195 - Hey’re a Darling ❤️🌹🤫
john,Hulk - haha thank you nan and so are you, :)
Bev - Hi Ruth I googled and they say no clinical trials taking place in Cape Town.
Anonymous - Hi Ruth, do you have psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis? It may be useful to call a dermatologist o... More »
Ruth - Hi i have psoriasis - i will make that call thank you for the tip
Sarah - That's a great way to think RedSpot! I'm the same in many ways. I exercise a lot, and eat the bes... More »
Ruth - Thanks for the feedback guys, i think in the end how you view P is how it affects your life ... More »
dorothy - Ruth why could you not live a normal life? Psoriasis is part of your life but don't let it stop y... More »
Bev - Definitely not
Sarah - Oh gosh Ruth, the things we hear sometimes that people will do to try and help their p. I've hear... More »
Ruth - thats true Sarah
Ruth - thanks guys :) Appreciate it
dorothy - And you are Ruth, I have it too for years will die with it. Just remember that, I was married hav... More »
Ruth - Thanks Dorothy :)
Ray - I do that
Michelle - hahahahahaha oh. you guys are killing me. I guess rough riders are out for you. You should become... More »
Raja - I am now 41, I have to ask first , WHAT IS SEX? Pso ruined my life 😪
Deleted account - Of course skin problems ruin your sex life!
Heather - Winter is on its way here in Michigan, and it is the worst for me. Dry cold air, makes my skin e... More »
Sarah - True, that's frustrating for sure. On the upside, no risk of sunburn! ☀️
Ruth - Thank you Heather and Sarah :)
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