Ed @Mister

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I like photography,travel and the outdoors.


Elaine - Michelle, you are always upbeat, loving, nurturing and supportive. I'm going to endeavor to be m... More »
Michelle - Ed, I'm sorry. Yes your mom is too old to change now I do agree with you but hey, keep your chin ... More »
john,Hulk - Hello Ed. So sorry here this , May explain why i was so bad with psoriasis when i was a child, i... More »
Michelle - Hi Ed. There is a link yes. Stress is a common trigger for psoriatic disease and inflammation. Li... More »
popeye - Mine started off on my elbow's then over the year's it has spread to my lower back , legs , insid... More »
Sarah - Mine is always symmetrical too El, it's weird...
john,Hulk - Mine tends to like the same places every winter,must be portals to get those toxins through?I hav... More »
Jen - Not citrus not nightshades.
Ed - I find citrus juices also fruit cocktails etc are too acidic and cause me have stomach issues.
Mishlyn - It sure is Ed 😊 the stronger our gut health, the better our total wellbeing! I also have to avoid... More »
Deleted account - in London at "two shillings a pound" in 1319 AD. This equates to about US$100 per kilo at today's... More »
Ed - When I am saying sugar I am also meaning things like lactose ie milk,dairy,grease and now chemica... More »
Susan - Ed, sugar is sugar. Processed or not. Because I strongly believe that sugar is like poison to m... More »
DesignedDifferently - Anything that is certain to cause skin irritation anyway, is destined to be bad for someone with ... More »
Rodparis - I would recommend getting an allergy test. Turns out I was deathly allergic to cats, so I don't g... More »
Ella - I am on a prescribed drug and an ointment to and its gd . My spots have gone in sum places,slight... More »
Pat - Sounds familiar- psoriasis is like a flighty lover.. quite responsive initially, then gradually l... More »
Ragazza - Ed.... use the vacuum cleaner for your bed
Janet - Same problem here. My daughter says I'm like the character in Peanuts that has a cloud of dust or... More »
Don - its like snow all round the bed
john,Hulk - hello erick,i really don't know what my mother ate as she left when I was 6 months and I don't kn... More »
john,Hulk - I don't eat much potatoes and certainly,i try not to eat tomatoes if I can help it, not good for ... More »
erick - hmm pasta is not a problem just the tomato sauce thats put on it. how about other nightshades suc... More »
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