Paula @Momo

Dublin, Ireland


john,Hulk - sorry to hear this paula,hope it will get better overtime soon
Debbie - Take care of your cellulitis. I scratched my rt leg and made an open sore, turned to cellulitis a... More »
Paula - Thanks guys. On the mend Debbie, doc gave me 2 antibiotics, 2 antibiotic creams and a steroid. De... More »
Gabriela - Sorry about that Paula, I know that must be frustrating :/ sending prayers your way
Cheryl - Have you thought of putting it on a chain around your neck while you can't wear it Paula? It will... More »
Paula - I thought about that Cheryl, but if I lost it that way I would go nuts! And on a practical level... More »
Paula - I get plaques with mine too Janice! I thought everyone did. I guess we are both rare creatures lol
Shawn - Paula - I can guarantee you it was the food in the States - unless you were shopping at an organi... More »
Paula - It's not a whole lot better here Shawn, but as you say, at least I know where to shop here and I ... More »
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