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Trenton, NJ, USA

Cured my psoriasis with lemon 🍋


Rosey - Just slept John,lol,been hard working after 2 weeks off and now we using iPads,and they call it p... More »
john, Psoriasis Terminator - HAHA, nooo, i am good now thanks Rosey now i am IRON MAN :)Thats all it was i was lacking,I am fl... More »
Rosey - Enjoy what I'm there to do which is help ppl in their homes,simple job one would think,iffice mak... More »
Michelle - Good morning Clint. That sounds like a terrific plan. Have a great Sunday too :)
john, Psoriasis Terminator - Good morning Clint ,Makes sure you get plenty of iron in your diet Clint and i know you will rub ... More »
Clint - John is pumping iron like Arnold 😀
john, Psoriasis Terminator - Me too,but very unhealthy lol, with diet coke ah and some healthy lemon Clint :)
Michelle - True John. Very unhealthy. But it was nice for a change. I still love my wine though :)
john, Psoriasis Terminator - Yes its balance Michelle, now and again its okay, I got 2 weeks off from drinking, oooh i sound l... More »
Michelle - Thank you Clint and to you too :)
Deleted account - How soon do you u cure it , drink the lemons or rub on ,, and is cured = none or no raised skin ?... More »
SAIGIE - Plse assist ow long do u leave the lemon rubbed on b4 shower
Bev - We had a lovely Friday night braai/BBQ with friends down from Johannesburg. Feeling a bit tender ... More »
Rosey - A always good to catch up with friends,friends are worth their weight in diamonds if they stick b... More »
Rosey - Clint,im like a frisbee,i go around and and around,more questions than answers lol
Susan - Yup Clint. Never any need to stress... Unless we want to that is... LOL. Waste of energy. Take... More »
SAIGIE - Hi clint Please want to try lemon on my psories ow long to leave on b4 shower tks Saigie
Clint - Lemon 🍋 can stay on until it dries out
Susan - Very true Clint. Even my own doctor said he would love it if more people walked into his office b... More »
Linda - Yes, some doctors a really willing to try natural treatments and with so many serious side effect... More »
Mavis - Likewise to you as well Clint 😊
Mavis - Happy August to you as well Clint
Michelle - Thank you Clint and to you too. ;)
Erica - Likewise Clint. August is the month that brings winds to sunny SA, the wind was blowing yesterday... More »
Michelle - Happy Friday Clint. :)
Ellen - Happy weekend all you FLAYMERS.....
Michelle - Thank you and you too Ellen. Be good if you can't be naughty 😈!!
Sarah - Yes Clint I think I can definitely over moisturise! Good advice...
Clint - When you over moisturize it reminds me of Hannibal Lector silence of the lambs. And I hate that ... More »
Michelle - Lol. Clint! That was a great movie and yes, the over moisturizing is a no-no.
Michelle - I drink the lemon too Hilda. Try it and see how it goes for you.I wish you well and keep us updat... More »
Sarah - Yes I am sure your doc is amazed as we all are! I will be trying lemon again soon. In fact maybe ... More »
Hilda - I used it again this evening.. and when it dry I put Aveeno straight on and it’s not itchy so far... More »
Rosey - Also put a brave face on too haha ,
Michelle - Thank you Clint. My Saturday was great. Have a lovely Sunday ;)
john, Psoriasis Terminator - Thanks Clint :) happy sunday :)
john, Psoriasis Terminator - Your welcome and good luck with it :)
Michelle - That's what I do with everything I eat or drink Clint (which is not part of my diet) but I keep i... More »
Ellen - Judith ..I also have P under my foot... after my bath I massage it with coconut oil ....
Clint - Directly on psoriasis
Justin - ok, I will try it. Do all fruits like Lime, Oranges and all other citrus fruit do the same?
Rosey - Lemons are the best to use for some reason,my opinion only
Clint - once it's gone you can do all the things that make you happy and smile with bling. It won't be lo... More »
Michelle - True Clint. :)
Wini - Never heard of using lemon.
Michelle - Check it out in the themes section Wini, it has been amazing for me too! Welcome to Flaym!
Linda - Thanks Clint!
Sarah - Sea salt soak is super!
Michelle - Me too Heather, getting lots of swimming in. Only way to beat these temps! Great your skin has im... More »
Heather - I don’t. The flare up start after my first day back and then subside when i have my 3 days off. I... More »
Clint - Yes I. Use lemon 🍋 on any small blemish that I. See
Clint - Wow 😲 it was the best thing to ever happen to salmon the dill sauce was out of this world... A n... More »
Ellen - Sounds delicious Clint....
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