Nicola @Nicky

E10 5RD London

I want to get rid of my ear psoriasis, as it makes a mess everywhere and I scratch my ears to bleeding point and my earring holes keep blocking up.


Mishlyn - Good to hear you have found something to keep both your skin and ears under control Nicola! I've ... More »
Allyson - is it by prescription or over the counter in US or Canada
Nicola - I get the coconut oil in solid form from Sainsburys
barnie - what shampoo and conditioner is that
john,Hulk - alphosyl 2 in 1,been using it for years ,it makes your hair silky smooth to :)
john,Hulk - you can get it on prescription in the uk from your doctor, best a dvised try get 250 ml bottles ... More »
mermaid - Mine drive me insane itch all day and night then leak fluid during the night
Nicola - Mermaid, so do mine, and so I put a thin cloth napkin on the pillow so as not to ruin the pillowc... More »
Jeni - try vaseline or suducrem.
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