Carrie @Nightwaters

Necedah, WI, United States

I am a nervous, absent minded, clutz. If it's possible for me to trip, fall, crash into, or cause others to crash with me, it will happen...


Susan - Carrie the longer you are on the site the more confidence you will get and I do believe eventuall... More »
Dennis - Why are you sad
SUE - No not sad you become a shame of your psoriasis you hide, I to did this ever go to far from the f... More »
Michelle - Hi Carrie, for myself I have to use natural shampoos as well as soaps. Making that change as well... More »
Raymond - I only use natural soap. African black soap is my soap of choice. It helps a lot. For a second I ... More »
Deleted account - Hi Carrie, welcome to the group, it is best to use products as pure and chemical free as possible.
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