Johann @Ola

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

Insecurity rents the space it occupies. Confidence owns the building.


Johann - Actually, many posts on Flaym recommended adjusting your diet. I should really look into that..
john,Hulk - yes i have changed my diet, cut out everything that can potentially agrivate it.i still have the ... More »
craig - Hey there Johann - its not that easy at all i have tried every thing the last 7 years from Cortis... More »
Johann - Thanks Sherry, did you make the salve and oil from weed? It would make sense that it would lose s... More »
Johann - Thanks Sherry ☺ I never thought about that, mind you. It would make a lot of sense that you'd... More »
Sherry - LOL....."hypothetically" inbox me.......its not legal in ozland for p yet. Apparently we p suffer... More »
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