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Ennis, Ireland

Stay at home Mum of three....need I say more?!!!πŸ˜‰πŸ’•πŸŽΆβ˜˜


Orlaith - Don't worry I know the dangers of using steroids around the eye area especially...I'm trying smal... More Β»
Rosey - For the pink, redness, after letting oil dink in a bit, I would just use foundation as a cover, l... More Β»
Rosey - And 0.5 was just a bit on the eyebrows occasionally and chin and ears too, not eyelids of course.... More Β»
Orlaith - Thanks Michelle, I was taking it after breakfast, and I was only taking one 500mg capsule.....I'v... More Β»
Susan - Orlaith I never did but the Moringa I take is pretty unique in where it is grown and how it is dr... More Β»
Mishlyn - Ohh I wish we could grow Moringa trees in Canada, Susan! lol Did you try to plant the seeds?
Orlaith - I just looked it up and apparently a lot of people get it after stopping!! Good to know it's not ... More Β»
Orlaith - Don't know if I can put up with it though, how long will it last I wonder? Back on the Cetirizine... More Β»
Sarah - I bet it could be Orlaith but have never taken them... I'm sure a visit to your local pharmacy wo... More Β»
Sarah - Hey Orlaith. When my scalp has been at its worst my dermatologist recommended a scalp blitz of al... More Β»
Marie1 - I get psoriasis in my ears it's gard to gear and very painful I also hve frequent ear aches ' I k... More Β»
elaine - I do get a fluid running out my ear at night and yes it itchers i use stop itch helps for a while
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