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I've had p since 12 yrs ago , I've had light therapy didn't work I've had [...] made me so poorly Also got most of the ointments n creams Also used my local sunbeds ! If anyone in the U.K. Can advise what the doctors can prescribe ❤️


Kelly - Thanks every one I’ve decided to try a new tablet I can’t write what as it part of the rules on h... More »
Ruben - Fingers crossed!!!!
Joyce - Keeping everything crossed for you Kelly! xx
Kelly - I’ve been using the child’s cream for a week now and it’s good it’s taken the redness out but I d... More »
Kay - Thats good, ill probably try once a day first though incase of reactions.
Mishlyn - Good for you Kelly! Taking charge of our Health is so empowering! Have you been on the steroid cr... More »
Susan - Oh my. Funny, but not... Yikes!
Mishlyn - yyyooouch Kelly! Hope it hasn't aggravated your skin too bad!
Sarah - Haha! Oh no! At least it's easier to get off the skin than places like the eyes or other awkward ... More »
Joyce - Fingers crossed John 😃
john,Hulk - Hello Joyce, no irritation, seems good stuff this childs farm moisturiser thank you :)
Joyce - You’re very welcome John, I’m having good results with it and it’s nice to find something that do... More »
Kelly - Done it again last night my p is not flakey and definitely not as red and seems more moisturised ... More »
Susan - That's great Kelly. I just googled it as I know most of us have it in our house. Here in Canada... More »
Catherine - We I'm adding it to my shopping list for tomorrow ..if it stops me itching at night I'm all in . 😊
Mishlyn - That is fantastic Kelly and millionways! Such a great feeling when we can see and feel a differen... More »
Sarah - Ooo the cool weather, yay. It can really calm the irritation. With me though, if there is lots of... More »
john,Hulk - yes i seen the flaking today, not on me thankfully,i am awaiting tomorrow to see if i go into wor... More »
Susan - john find a nude beach. I used to do that all the time. Went here too until it got closed down.... More »
Kelly - I’d never get my wobbly bits n bobs out definitely not brave enough for that 😂 I’d wear shorts n ... More »
john,Hulk - haha i dont think i could do that susan,i wish i could, i rather cover up as i do,dont like feeli... More »
john,Hulk - omega 3+6+9 vitamin D3 vitamin D and multi vitamins,calcium as i dont do dairy :)
Sarah - I don't take any supplements that you buy as capsules etc. But I do stuff daily in place of it. S... More »
Susan - I used to take tons. Now I only take pure Moringa powder. No omegas now either. Less expensive... More »
Sophia - Susan, so you gave up going to the dermatologist and the rheumatologist? What do you use to help... More »
Susan - Sophia I have done it all too almost. I have very thin skin now from using steroid creams and so... More »
Michelle - Hi Susan/Sophia. When I was diagnosed with P, my GP gave my steroid creams. I used it for 3 month... More »
john,Hulk - clack i mean black decaf coffee, i am still sleepy doh :)
Sarah - Hey Kelly, I think any steps you can take towards stripping the inflammatory things away from you... More »
Susan - Kelly I eat any vegetable and any protein. I eat fruit but not tons. Everyone loves to come eat... More »
Sarah - Ah no Kelly, what a place for a new patch 😮 I know you can get it anywhere but I always hope that... More »
Kelly - Hi Sarah , no luckily it’s not just in the morning felt really swollen gone down a bit but I’m su... More »
Mishlyn - Aww Kelly, I didnt realize we could get it in our mouth, I bet that would be painful 😔 I hope it ... More »
Mishlyn - awww Kelly, I am sorry to hear that. Maybe a trip to your gp to see about a new treatment plan ma... More »
Ruben - Hey Kelly, to cool down the spots I use Aloë Vera gel. Since I have been taking extra vitamine ... More »
Kelly - Thanks both of u , I will definitely try .. I’ve been trying CBD oil but it’s only 2.7 in strengt... More »
Bid - Susan could I please get it off you as well.. mine has flared up and getting it in new places.. h... More »
Sarah - Christmas can be pretty stressful. That and the change in food can have a massive combined impact... More »
Susan - Bid I just started following you so send me a private message and I'll get that to you today.
Mishlyn - Hi Kelly, for me it has been dairy Gluten tomatoes, spicy foods and alcohol. When I took these ou... More »
john,Hulk - hellokelly, icut out all night shades,sugar,all dairy foods,gluten,wheat,citrus fruits,cartoned c... More »
Honey - Hello Kelly, my diet are kinda weird cuz I only eat beef, goat's meat, vegetables and fish except... More »
john,Hulk - hello Kelly, sorry to hear this,back problems, I feel for you , must be painful, I have back prob... More »
Cyril - Worrying is like a rocking chair, it keeps you occupied but gets you no where.
Mickg48 - My advice is never use a sunbed they are banned in Australia and some illegal sunbeds have just b... More »
Kim - Don't use sun beds Kelly. Mick gave you good advice.
Becca - Hi Kelly, if it's not feeling sensitive then I tend to scrub it so it's flat...I feel like it buy... More »
Deleted account - Moogoo dot co dot uk, you can put your postcode in for a local stockist
Deleted account - Sorry...moogooskincare dot co dot uk forgot the skincare bit..
kathy - thank you kelly i will get some
Harold - Welcome. Here's to you having found family you never knew you had.
john,Hulk - hello kelly,welcome to flaym, glad you are hopeful:) i dont see doctors for my P or PA now,i have... More »
kathy - first time for me to
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