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john,Hulk - hello raymond, why i dont eat fried food its bad for us lol,yes, i used to cook years ago in a ho... More »
tony - How come
Lora - Ouch! I did that before but didn't end up with a breakout luckily. l think you will only break ou... More »
Roxanne - I have tried meditation.
Deleted account - Hi Raymond. If you go on to youtube and search Charles Linden His foundation helped me get rid of... More »
Raymond - Thanks Dave, I'll check it out.
Raymond - It does have an earthy smell but it's worth it lol
Shawn - Great tip - I'll give it a try!
Taylor - Thank you! I’ll give it a try. 😊
Vanessa - Hi, saw your post just now. I am struggling, but trying to focus on future and not dog myself out... More »
Susan - Yum... Love taco's. Not beer though. Enjoy!
john,Hulk - are you dunking those in tomatoe salsa type sauce raymond, go easy haha :) have fun,sounds good ... More »
Raymond - I've been thinking about it and I don't know what form is best. Please keep me updated Kim. =)
Kim - Will do. I have ordered two packs which is 6 months supply. That should be enough to see if it's ... More »
Cheryl - I have started drinking the tea. Only used it for a few days so it is a bit early for results yet.
Mickg48 - I know when my kids were little babys and had conjungtivitis a couple of drops in the eyes fixed ... More »
Vanessa - I think she was coming on to you.
Raymond - Lol Maybe she was Vanessa. Who knows.
Kim - You would spill it! What a waste!
Raymond - I'd spill my chlobetasol before I spill my beer lol
john,Hulk - I remember at work , dropping a lot of paper files off a cabinet and a big tub of medicated body ... More »
Susan - Raymond that too bad... You've got another one coming in less than 7 days... Hahahahaha!
Raymond - :( Thanks for the friendly reminder Susan lol
Susan - Raymond and everyone...TGIF... I work from home so everyday is Friday. LOL... The only problem w... More »
Raymond - Susan, the things I would do to switch places with you lol
Susan - Raymond you are funny. My life is definitely not perfect but at 56 (almost) I needed a change fr... More »
Susan - Raymond that's funny. I used to wear black and had the same issue. Had to stop. Mine is gone o... More »
Jane :) - Oh dear, that's gonna hurt... Grated, fresh parmesan cheese coming up! 😋 Just kidding Raymond. Tr... More »
Deleted account - I find putting TCP in water very good for itching as it acts as a mild analgesic - I let it dry a... More »
Raymond - Thank you all. I have definitely have to try coconut oil. Its been highly recommended to me. I us... More »
Raymond - Thanks Kim!
Raymond - It definitely does help Victor. Although a sun burn will cause the worse flare up of all time lol... More »
Deleted account - The sun is good because it accelerates the maturing of sub dermal skin and this means when it get... More »
Mickg48 - Hi Victor I just read that you pee on your psoriasis does that help?
Mickg48 - Sorry Victor it was Raymond, does it help yo pee on the psoriasis.?
Raymond - lol Oh no Mick i certainly do not do that. I was comparing the feeling of applying the cream to a... More »
john,Hulk - i know what you mean, i went to tennerife months ago and i wore shades and a silly brolly hat and... More »
Kim - Hi Raymond. How did your day at the beach go??
Deleted account - @Foody yes Kim, factor 50, me too. @Rayydissle Hi Ray, doesn't matter Ray, a lot of what we thi... More »
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