Rebecca @RebeccaW

Newport Beach, CA, United States

Hello I'm (almost 17) and I have psoriasis. Had it for 6 years (can't believe it) and it's troublesome being a teen with no one else my age I know who I can talk to and confide in.


Kay - I'll do it :)
Rebecca - Could you all check my latest post for details
Ankur Kumar tanwar - Why are you note including ayurveda treatment for psoariasis treatment in your study
Gideon - No smoking and Drinking Beer. haha, Drink Water always
Joni - Hi Rebecca, I was diagnosed at 15 so know how hard it is to be a teen with psoriasis but I'm glad... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - joni, yes i had an issue with sunblock once , i know got to have it otherwise burn to a crisp in ... More »
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