Kourtney @Reddwiidowxo

Edmonton, AB, Canada

Just here for the info.


Karan - Have some probiotics and turmeric hope it works well
Emil - Alcohol was the HARDEST thing for me to give up. Haven't had a sip of anything for 1 and a half y... More »
Kim - I don't have that problem with alcohol. It doesn't make me itch at all. If I have overdone it the... More »
Jennifer - Turmeric 😊
Deleted account - Poor you, the lower back! I get it in my thumbs which makes it impossible to pick things up! I do... More »
john,Hulk - yes, ido turmeric and do sensible eating,2 litres of bottled /filtered water a day and my joints... More »
Dean - I use a comb on my legs and I get a bit excited while scratching and go a bit deep sometimes and ... More »
Susan - Dean that's funny. I think we've all done that... LOL
Janice - I use the bar on my kitchen chair legs to scratch the soles of my feet and then I have to get the... More »
Helen - I am in Canada. Havent done it myself but know others that have for rheumatoid and osteo
allan - I have oestioarthitis and have had a total knee replacement with the other due , got PIP now it h... More »
Aurora - I'm fighting to recieve disability
john,Hulk - welcome to flaym courtney :)
Deleted account - Hi Courtney, welcome to the group.
Sherry - Welcome to the group, Courtney!
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