Jason @Roc71

Fort Wayne, IN, United States

Dad of 5...loves cars...


denise - Yes, since I became a person with a disability myself, it made me much more aware of the plight o... More »
Michelle - I have always been a humble person. Never judged people on their looks, always tried to help when... More »
john,Hulk - hello jason, i am the way i always have been being a lifer,a lot say i do care so, thats somethin... More »
Susan - Steve whatever you are doing works for you. Being sick in any way sucks. One life, so live it t... More »
Steve - Michelle, Biologics breaks down your immune system & makes you more susceptible to what issues yo... More »
Michelle - thank you Steve.
Deleted account - Hi Jason, if I’m correct, its called leaky gut because part of your stomach sits right next to yo... More »
Mishlyn - Hey Jason, The term Leaky Gut Syndrome is used to describe the condition of “Hyperpermeable Intes... More »
Sarah - Yes it seems that leaky gut is a highly debatable topic! Some places you read about it as a factu... More »
Susan - Good news Jason!
Mishlyn - Thats really great to hear Jason!! 😊
Sarah - Great positive story Jason! Yes well thank you, and uplifted by this, hope is out there!
Jason - Thanks....i wish everyone could get on bios...miracle stuff indeed
john,Hulk - good news jason, you have a great weekend too :)
Mishlyn - So great to hear they are working so well for you Jason! 😀 Enjoy!!
Jason - I use my Android phone and the right side is always cut short...😞😞
Gail - I hear that! Dry weather in AZ is making my skin raw and every cream I try burns to holy hell. ... More »
Sarah - We're in for a cold snap in the UK too! Time to get out the woolly clothes. Itch itch itch...
Mishlyn - Absolutely Jason, as John said..if it works for You feel good about it! We are all on different p... More »
Jason - I do a little.....a slight head ache...a few days after dose....but that's it....sucks though bec... More »
Deleted account - so is the biologic injected in the affected area or is it just a normal shot in the arm?
Sarah - Hi Jason, yes I find in the coldest months my fingers get stiffer and my knees do too. I have nev... More »
Deleted account - my take is P and PSA are the same thing , one seeks the surface . The other goes into deep tissue... More »
Yvonne - Here the same...when the weather gets colder my body gets stiffer and more pain.
Jason - @john....for me I only have switched once...and have now been on the same one for a long time...b... More »
john,Hulk - ah thanks jason,i have heard so much about it over the 9 to10 months i been here, i was just inte... More »
Mishlyn - So happy to hear this Jason!! :D
Sid - I'm on the popular one that starts with an H and just took my first dose. Will have to take it e... More »
psomom - Hey Jason. I am considering biologics for my 13 year old son. Nervous because he is so young bu... More »
john,Hulk - Hello Psomom,Please do plenty research for biologics,these shut the immune system down which can ... More »
john,Hulk - thanks okay i see, i know some say they get ill as their immune has been effected,some say no,apa... More »
Alina - Thanks Jason really helpful information! Hopefully i get minimal side aswell :)
Mishlyn - A beautiful day here as well in Canada! A perfect fall day :) definitely my favourite season! Enj... More »
Deleted account - Goid luck Jason.
Deleted account - **Good**.....(hope your lucks better than my typing, lol)
Sarah - It's great that you have experience of this in the past, so you know what to expect. This may hel... More »
john,Hulk - hello jason,thing i have learnt is, i always hidden it the best i can,when people have seen it wi... More »
Jeri - Yeah, we're hot. Can't touch this! :-)
Mandi - Not nice 🙄☹️
Jason - It's super hard coming from 100% clear to 80% covered in like 2 months
Susan - Jason you are going to see lots of suggestions here on this site. Try pretty much all if you can... More »
Jason - Been on biologics for 12 years...had to stop due to insurance I am back on ....but playing the wa... More »
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