Stacy @S

Dublin, Ireland

I’m a hairdresser , love love love music especially rock used to play clarinet years ago !! Love to read Anne rice is my favorite author ..... love water and swimming and a bit random but I love to knit too 😂😝


Clint - Use lemon 🍋 again and mild deodorant
Rosey - I use coal tar cream I made,or soak in coal tar bath and dry off and dust private areas,groin und... More »
Rosey - Coal tar cream I use on face and out breasts but not under
Clint - Lemon 🍋
bernadette - Hi stacey from dublin too I have very bad p all over my legs arms boobs tummy at the moment start... More »
Clint - Use more lemon 🍋 rub it on. Affected areas leave on until you shower 🚿 and less moisturizer
Stacy - I know I taught so too and even asked the nurse that was doing them and she said the normal blood... More »
Aleksandar - I should check that too, being alone is sad, but I will handel it, I have to.
Stacy - Your not alone Alexandar you have loads of people here if you ever need a chat or to vent too 😊 w... More »
Bev - Welcome back 😄
Susan - But it's rewarding Stacy. I did that gardening thing last weekend. Can't wait to see it all grow.
Sarah - Gardening is so awesome and uplifting! Always makes me feel like I've done something super produc... More »
Stacy - This wasn’t really enjoyable garden work it was more out on the sides attacking weeds that were g... More »
Stacy - Ha ha Michelle I was in the corner with the laptop and google open on my phone trying to figure i... More »
Sarah - Wouldn't have a clue where to start with it! Good for you for trying to figure it out...
Stacy - Ah I couldn’t make head nor tail of it at all I could just about make out my ass cheeks 🙈🙈😂
Clint - It happens were you sweat so get the lemon 🍋 on it sounds like a rap song 🎶 Lemon 🍋. On your butt... More »
Stacy - Sarah that’s exactly the way mine is under my boobs and it was actually my partner that told me i... More »
Clint - Stacey use lemon 🍋
Stacy - Oh Jesus I taught they’d take two at the most 😱😨😨😨 well Susan if it turns out I have psoriatic ar... More »
Susan - Bev I got a call yesterday about the blood work. All's good which I kind of knew already. Sta... More »
Bev - So happy your results came out great. Stacy you won't regret doing the elimination diet.
Stacy - Thank you 🙏🏻
Sarah - Really hope the rheumy appointment goes well for you Stacey. And I know it's impossible, but try ... More »
Stacy - Thanks Sarah trying not to over think it .. I’m more worried if me having it will affect my kids ... More »
Stacy - Wow that’s brilliant can you google this elimination diet I’d like to try it I don’t really want ... More »
Susan - Stacy I'll send you a message privately.
Michelle - Stacy, the diet works and Thank you Susan!. I have no flakes, nothing, zilch, fokolo, nada, niks,... More »
Stacy - That’s great Eugene it’s nice when you’ve people around that are understanding 😊
Joanne - I feel exactly the same way. My ears drive me nuts... My GP just keeps giving me lotions and poti... More »
Robin - I know the feeling. I was on lots of cortisone for my brain tumour after my biopsy. P cleared up ... More »
Ted - I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis a couple of years ago , I've since had both my hips repl... More »
Stacy - I'm not sure I live in Ireland and my doctor sent letters to the hospital for a dermo and rheumat... More »
Susan - Stacy I did, but I also had some other serious autoimmune diagnosis's. I healed myself by doing ... More »
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