Shauna @Shaunaob

Dublin, Ireland

Psoriasis is not all of you, it's just a part of you like everything else!


Cherryl - I find Aloe Vera gel is a great moisturiser- it must be pure and all natural ingredients
Sarah - For me I get on well with oatmeal lotions from the Aveeno range. This has by far been the best lo... More »
Norma - I use child farm moisture riser it is quite good lust waiting to ho up to the hospital to get sta... More »
Michelle - Lemon has been really helpful for me too Shauna. Dietary changes and supplements are the best thi... More »
Sarah - Hey Shauna, welcome back! What type of psoriasis do you have? Short term, short courses of steroi... More »
Shauna - It's long term and I have tried almost every cream, I do stress a lot so I'm sure that can be a c... More »
michael - Shauna Hello. Many people have different ways to deal with psoriasis. Some medical and holistic... More »
Chris - Hi Shauna , yeah I did UV as well helped for a awhile but then it just returned
Kris - I'm using Cbd oil and it's helped me x
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