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Jennifer - I love turmeric! Coconut oil is good with my skin, just it's so oily lol it gets on everything u... More »
exx - I'm still not sure if my using coconut oil relates to a recent flare up. It has been a stressfull... More »
Johann - Hi Connie, thanks for sharing. I love any and everything coconut! What a great excuse to drink mo... More »
Jose Antonio - Well, my doctor sees same connection... I cut all kind of sugar and refined carbohydrates (bread... More »
estelle - I have cut out gluten carbs and I also have very little red meat mostly fish and chicken. Mine ha... More »
Shireen - I definitely have a flare up after a glass of wine. Psoriasis is a result of bad gut health and i... More »
darren - I had a total of 40 sessions didn't work for me - but got a lovely tan :-)
Trish - I have had 8/9 treatments over a few years, it is great in the beginning and gives you an awesome... More »
Connie - Okay guys, do I really have to give up dairy, wheat, gluten, wine, sugar, caffeine and become a v... More »
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