Stef @StfAnyZé

Toulouse, France

Recovering little by little flake by flake


Sarah - That's great Stef! Good to hear of your progress. Maybe feeling happy just radiates through our b... More »
Mishlyn - I think being happy helps a whole lot Stef 😊 Great to hear your skin has been doing so well!
Jo - Mine moves....If it's not on my scalp it's in my ear then moves to my back. Never had it in the ... More »
john,Hulk - hello stef,can you do this with anything or just lemons?,would a banana work ?does he call himse... More »
Jullie - Good luck Stef...
Stef - OK, Ive to find something else...
Stef - I truly agree Georgette, and what will work for ones will not work for others, we have to be posi... More »
Jullie - That sounds great darl. Congratulations.🙂✌🏽
john,Hulk - congratulations to you :)
john,Hulk - :) glad you are good and happy stef :)
Stef - I had not seen the skin of my elbows for a long time
Jennifer - I switch up between different creams, mostly between TriDerma which is cortisone free, great for ... More »
Stef - Thanks Jennifer, you are right, need to find my good combination... A friend brought me an Aloe V... More »
Ell - Remember if you use steroid based creams (cortisone etc.) it is not a solution! The steroids only... More »
john,Hulk - me too steff,sun .sea and maybe a sangria,glad you are happy,me too :)
Dick - unfortunately, the sun has the opposite effect on my P
john,Hulk - if i was an office worker,i would get my self an R2D2 desk top vac,it makes sounds as it cleanin... More »
john,Hulk - sorry you feel alone stef,you are not here.i have made changes and my skin is better,some changes... More »
michael - Sorry to hear you are going through so much, Coldtar mixed with with bethnovate is a good Irish c... More »
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