Tammy @Tam73

Happily married mother of 3 wonderful sons. 💚


James - Tammy I've had that twice and found rubbing big dollops of soft parrafin ointment in twice a day ... More »
Tammy - Thanks so much. My feet stay this way and are very painful. I will try this.
Roy - try aqueous cream tissue oil
Sarah - Does anyone else have advice for Tammy & I about cold weather coping?
michael - Tammy I hope you stay warm and comfortable and try and distract yourself from your pain. Ie list... More »
arlene - Hi tammy...I have just recently dicovered the pain in my joints so im new to this...but from expe... More »
Jessy Augustine - Tammy, pitted nails are usually seen in people with psoriatic arthritis. Treating psoriasis will ... More »
Tammy - Thanks all the info. I was told I have osteoarthritis. I mentioned PsA and was told I didn't h... More »
Shawn - Tammy is your joint pain where you psoriasis is? For example I had bad psoriasis on my toes and a... More »
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