Aggie patricia

Aggie patricia @Ugandanequestrian

Kampala, Central Region, Uganda

Horse enthusiast with psoriasis whose first visit with the dermatologist thought l had ring worms.


Sarah - Welcome back, Aggie Patricia! HNY to you too.
john,Hulk - happy new year aggie to you :)
Nicola - Happy new year to you xx
john,Hulk - we are all different on the effects of alcahol,i am ok with low strength lager at 3.8% max and i ... More »
Cyril - Maybe it's just me, but Guinness is okay. larger, wine and whiskey react terrible with my skin.
Deleted account - I don’t have any reaction at all to alcohol (un)fortunately, nor any of the “Avoid” foods....its ... More »
Rich - With in week or two, you should see some kind of change, being good or bad
john,Hulk - do you have major stress aggie?, that dont help for sure
Harold - Hi Aggie. Unfortunately treating Psoriasis is trial & error. What works for one often doesn't hel... More »
Mishlyn - Have you ever tried bio oil Aggie? I have found it a really helpful skin toner :)
Edward - I'd like to know too.
Aggie patricia - @mishlyn I am going to find bio oil.
Deleted account - Aggie , you didn't mention the horse has a infection. anyone else get it? was it in areas where... More »
john,Hulk - hello aggie, its an autoimmune disease,something could had just triggered it ,beta blockers,cert... More »
RosieM - Hi, I agree with John, you could not have picked it up since it is auto immune, the body attackin... More »
john,Hulk - i changed my diet and nails are normal looking now,though thats a choice aggie a choice for every... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Aggie! With my nails (only ever had p on toenails...) I went to a chiropodist e... More »
Aggie patricia - @sarahuk Thank you, will ask my dermatologists about these anti fungals. I am glad you dogged th... More »
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