Tom @Watsham

London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, London, United Kingdom

Dad bod


Peter - ya all good any you bud?
Tom - Yeah not too bad
Elaine - WOW!!!!! Lucky you, Tom!!! Congrats!
Jose Antonio - Good on you. Congratulations
Joseph - Woow! What inspired you to have such courage to keep it going for 2 and a half months! Bravo What... More »
Rita - I think the stress which surrounds all of us at this difficult time definitely worsens our skin c... More »
Joy - Stress stress and more stress. Especially if u are on biologic
Lynn - @GaryG, absolutely!! ALL NATURAL NON TOXIC products ONLY. ❤️ The only way to live is with those. ... More »
john,Hulk - Good luck Tom, Keep posting on your progression, I await for summer to come then things get bett... More »
john,Hulk - Well thats good, I use that at work too Tom, I wonder of i get pissed if i try drinking it ? :) Y... More »
Michelle - Thats great John! so the ecigs are working for you? I heard that the ecigs are more unhealthy tha... More »
john,Hulk - well i used to suffer a lot with smoking Michelle really bad,i think i still may have damaged my ... More »
Michelle - I wish I never started smoking as well John. I'm sure I can easily stop but, I'm a lazy little bu... More »
Mishlyn - Try and keep your head up Tom and know the right person is out there and waiting for you! Jay sai... More »
A - I like what Jay said. Your p is an extra tool: It’s a natural way of pre-selection. Its very eff... More »
MariaL - Hi Tom! you are not alone , we have a "fear of rejection" having this P, but dont let P knock you... More »
Mishlyn - I think you are right Tom and good for you for realizing it may be helpful for you. Talking throu... More »
Michelle - Hi Tom. it is good to talk about your P. It will make you feel better and hopeful. Once you start... More »
Sarah - Great question! Yes I think there is definitely some weight in that. I think talking about things... More »
Kelli - I’m 71 and the scalp psoriasis has worsened and is spreading quickly. Nothing has worked. My ha... More »
Sylvia - Please check out Earth Longevity website,, it has been my miracle for the past year. It has nearl... More »
Kelli - Thank you Sylvia ❤️
Mishlyn - Hi Tom, when I was younger I had a hard time opening up to those I got close with. I would stress... More »
john,Hulk - sounds like my story michelle,i have been in a few relationships in my time and i used to be lik... More »
Michelle - Hi Tom. I don't really tell people. I have P on my ankles and I always wear either trousers or lo... More »
Steven - Hope it goes well Tom
Mickg48 - The moisturizer I use is Emu oil from BigW if you are in Australia it's cheap @ about $7.50 per l... More »
Jake - Are you still interested in a diet program?
Tom - @jake yes I am
Genevieve - Make up a mixture yourself of 50% organic glycerine and 50% Apple Cider Vinegar. Apply after show... More »
michael - i use qv intense seems expensive but goes a long way
Jose Palma - Go always natural. Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Hemp Oil are the best you ca... More »
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