Joseph @Whoknows

Montpellier, France

Had psoriasis for years, till I came to live, again, in the south of France, where almost daily sunshine almost cleared it up. still got some but much less often.A liquid to put on it from my doctor helped too. the worst spot was on my naval!!..emb


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Rudee @rudee

Bangkok, Thailand

I eat herb and happy very much
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Jen @jen1984

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

My pso started to get serious about 5 years ago but ive never been this itc...
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Bren @bren2722

Yuma, AZ, United States

P since 1998! Excited to have found this group and hopeful to keep on fightin...
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Cindy @Cindy1969

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

I have been cursed with this disgusting disease my whole life....have tryed n...
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