Lorraine @WillowL589

I have suffered with psoriasis for years, light therapy is the only thing that I have found that works for me, I have tried numerous lotions and potions lol. All just ease it a little bit. Lets hope one day there will be a proper cure .


Lorraine - Judith , seems a lot of us do this sort of thing lol
john,Hulk - haha lorraine its true,it was years ago, i would always leave toothpaste and cream together on th... More »
Lorraine - Yeah sounds lovely John. For some reason don't think I will be trying that new design of toothpa... More »
Lorraine - Thank you will try that , as not tried that before.
Deleted account - A mixture of 95% Bio oil and 5% coal tar (available from Pharmacist), helps me for itch (sometimes)
Nan195 - Coconut Oil helps me, gently massaged in and I use J&J Baby Soap only. All the very best.
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