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Dover, Kent, United Kingdom


john,Hulk - hello mrsjones, oooh thats good, :) not for me though but, pleased for you :)
Diana - Congratulations
Sarah - That is fantastic! Hoping the improvements will stay put for you
Rodparis - Dermablend works really well, problem is finding the right shade. Ask the sales people to help you
Nan195 - As I only have a small patch on a knuckle and on the side of a finger, it's so easy to cover with... More ยป
Leonie - I use makeup on my forearms - same base as I would on my face. It works for me.
Nan195 - All the very best ๐Ÿ™
Claire - What made you try this?
Mrsjonesjnr - Claire my mum read it somewhere so I googled it and there's lots of info about it-apparently it s... More ยป
TravelRocker - My left foot is a mess, I fact Sonia my left lower leg. Nothing works it's a mare
Stacymason - If u have a home bargains near u it's 3.50for a big bag
Mrsjonesjnr - I don't have any home bargains ๐Ÿ™ˆ
Jack - I know what you mean haha, Holland and Barret has taken some serious coin from me.
Stacymason - Don't buy from there it's expensive
john,Hulk - maybe mrsjonesjnr is rich haha :)
Suzie - I would say well done but despite all the comments on here ...dietary changes are anecdotal & not... More ยป
Psoriatic4good - You'we skipped lamb? I'm sad and ashamed of Yourself :)
Jack - Nice one, I probably couldn't have resisted a sneaky profiterole. Family dinners and outings are ... More ยป
Mrsjonesjnr - I spend most of my free time googling different remedies!!! I'll keep you updated....currently ha... More ยป
darren - Keep us updated always good to hear results of new things x
Sarah - Let us know if it works - not heard of this as possible treatment before. Good luck with it :)
Jack - What a coincidence, I'm just writing an article on this. Going gluten free helped me IMMENSELY. I... More ยป
Diane - I have been gluten and dairy free for over 20 years. Not by choice. I was only diagnosed a couple... More ยป
Harold - I've never gone gluten free but I have noticed that just cutting out bread helped to a certain de... More ยป
Nan195 - Enjoy ๐ŸŒน
john,Hulk - i can do YODA :) do or do not, there is no try heeehhee :)
john,Hulk - yes, i have heard yoga has great relaxing tecniques for the mind and body, :)
Stacymason - Is it working u want tablets it didn't work for me sent my skin into bright red had to stop
MARTA - Dr. Pagano's diet helped me tremendously. I also did Food Intolerance Test and I am 99% symptoms ... More ยป
Harold - Hi again. One of the best tips is follw the comments & posts on Flaym. there's lots of laughter, ... More ยป
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