Christopher @Zednero

Full of Psoriasis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Crohns and Bile Salt Malabsorbtion. Basically a lizard these days.


john,Hulk - that is true as mishlyn has said,i like a treat now and again but,i dont crave it,i find i stuff ... More »
Don - fizzy drinks mean beer.?...I want to be supportive....but...everything out but beer.... you can ... More »
john,Hulk - beer aswell don is bad but, on the odd occassion, i have low alcahol lager and thats ok, no infla... More »
john,Hulk - then i would say its a persons diet that could high blood pressure christopher,i was getting wei... More »
Gail - Yes...mine has been very low all my life, now, I have this terrible flair and low and behold, my ... More »
Deleted account - Crap diet can't help. But I think it has to do more with motion. Docs like to say HBP is because ... More »
Susan - Very funny Chris. Just think... Will all the great suggestions on this site, by next Christmas y... More »
Bunny - That's what I say.....LOL
Kathryn - Oh Chris, you can't 'itch' your head, but you can scratch it! 🤣
Sarah - Like on Austin Powers where he keeps his ear skin in a tub... ick!
Kari - I used to get relief from the itch with the edge of the blade of scissors. I know now that the it... More »
Clive - Now that i can i can relate to , building lego blocks - completing a Rubik's cube when i was a y... More »
Linda - Sun and salt water are good.
Susan - Christopher my thoughts are swim all the time. I don't really care at all what anyone things and... More »
Sarah - Mine isn't bothered whatsoever by it! Frustrating for you
Alexander - My dermatologist recommended occlusion, which is basically trapping the liquid or cream directly ... More »
Cc - I also have nail psoriasis. It really hurts on the toes. Last month I went to the foot dr and h... More »
john,Hulk - hello cc, nail psoriasis is caused through inflammation from toxins we eat in certain foods, most... More »
Susan - Christopher I agree... We just buy stuff and don't think about it. Sometimes money is an issue f... More »
john,Hulk - night christopher,where are you from ? not sure you said? thanks night
Christopher - Apologies! I'm from Southwick (Just off of Trowbridge) - In Wiltshire ☺
john,Hulk - ah thanks christopher , yes i know, theres 3 of us here as far as i know who live in wiltshire. ... More »
Bonnie - I know those itches. So embarrassing.
john,Hulk - i itch a lot less now, hardly at all christopher just by changeing my diet/lifestyle, psoriasis ... More »
john,Hulk - yes i know what you mean, i been hospitalised twice as a boy, wrapped up like a mummy and covered... More »
Christopher - I'm curious. Are you still a smoker? Or have you since quit? I am a smoker, but quitting will ... More »
john,Hulk - i stopped smoking at the same time i changed my diet 7 months ago, i do ecigs instead,good quali... More »
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