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Bangalore, Karnataka, India


john,Hulk - I hope all goes well with that Abdul, keep us updated, hopefully good news :)
Sarah - Hope it will help Abdul!
Abdul - @Ava ,I don't know about the homeopathic medicine combination ,I am just consulting with Dr Batra... More »
Abdul - Hi all ,I have good improvement but psoriasis leave pigmentation for my guttate psoriasis and fad... More »
Sarah - That's great Abdul! My guttate spots are the most stubborn of them all I think. My knee plaque ps... More »
Mishlyn - I've not heard of that before Abdul. I have used bio oil before to help blend the different skin... More »
Sarah - I think I would leave the patches as they are (I do have some, and I leave them) as they don't bo... More »
Jen - I had white patches on my arms back and tummy 6 weeks ago. They have all disappeared with sunshin... More »
Ruben - I'm sure medication can be a trigger! My uncle his P only showed it's ugly head after chemo. Neve... More »
Michelle - Could be the surgery as well. When I broke my arm (I never knew it was broken and left it for 2 d... More »
Harold - Hi. The surgery is the most likely culprit. check out the The Koebner Phenomenon on the WebMD sit... More »
Susan - Victor I don't even think they were around when I got psoriasis as a kid. I have never done them... More »
Lee - I’m sorry to hear that Susan, and I pray for your good health. I also notice skin thinning from t... More »
Susan - Thank you Lee. I guess no matter what pharmaceutical you use, there are risks. I haven't used t... More »
john,Hulk - yes ,they are the same abdul,good luck if you go down the route of biologics :)
Sarah - Hi Abdul, the way I understand it from some quick research biologics are a category of immunosurp... More »
Deleted account - Both are great means of selling drugs that are treating a theory that they can't name the cause o... More »
Susan - Abdul I think, my opinion only, is that we are looking at psoriasis as a disease. I believe it i... More »
Danni - I agree! We won't see a cure for psoriasis any time soon. Diet and definitely stress are major fa... More »
john,Hulk - diet is key to good health for anyone,clear skins get a lot of crap at some point in their lives,... More »
john,Hulk - yes depends on how its cooked, fried foods are bad for us psoriatics if you fry it abdul?i bake m... More »
Sarah - I hope not, I just had chicken for my dinner!
Susan - Not for me Abdul. I can eat any protein, including eggs.
john,Hulk - it does sound tempting to be a clear skin maybe for the first time in my life but, not for me and... More »
Deleted account - I think given your work John that immunosuppressants would be totally the wrong type of medicatio... More »
john,Hulk - thank you victor,i am a maintenance operative so am not hands on but, its the enviroment i am i... More »
Sarah - Hi Jan1960, it is a natural over the counter serum. We aren't permitted to discuss named prescrip... More »
Jan1960 - Thank you Sarah, I'll go to the health food store tomorrow and get some. I'm trying whatever peo... More »
Sarah - If it's not in stores it may be an online thing.
Sarah - Hi Abdul, I was posting about this recently too... Some people eat probiotic foods like fermented... More »
Diane - Of course. Your partner will love you regardless of your psoriasis.
Carol - I had three husbands. All passed away. Never had a problem getting one, just can't seem to keep t... More »
Sarah - Hi Abdul, yes of course you are eligible! Everyone has their health "stuff" to deal with, no matt... More »
Sarah - I've heard before that antibiotics can trigger psoriasis flares for some people. I think it's bec... More »
Deleted account - Hi Abdul, if the sinus surgery is because of sinusitis then drinking RAW apple cider vinegar in w... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Abdul, you may benefit from a probiotic to get in some good bacteria. Probiotics are one of th... More »
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