Afina @afina

Opperdoes, Netherlands


Afina - I like your name and picture John 😁
Afina - I'm sorry it took me so long to reply on your text....I was almost scared to come back again afte... More »
john,Hulk - Welcome back Afina , ,Dont worry, its been very quiet here these days, months :)
Susan - Have a super day Afina and welcome back!
Mishlyn - Afina, I'm so happy to hear everything went well with your surgery and your P is almost gone!! So... More »
Janice - So very happy for you Afina.
john,Hulk - great news afina,glad surgery went well :)
Janice - Good luck, hope all goes well for you Afina.
Susan - Afina I hope you recover quickly.
Brenda/joy - Hope you feel better soon
Afina - Way to go Susan.... Some day I will get there too I hope.... I suffer from a depression for m... More »
Susan - Well Afina... I totally get what you are saying. I know a few years ago I was diagnosed with dep... More »
Afina - I am happy God stopped me....and the strange thing is...I was looking in the barn...a saw....a ha... More »
Peggy - What is the difference between the two?
Afina - You mean the difference between the things you have @Peggy? Psoriasis is only on your skin....p... More »
Susan - Hi Afina... I am 55 years old and developed psoriasis when I was 7... I have used every medicatio... More »
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