agb - My coworker uses it. I may have to look into it. Do you buy it at the drug store?
Sarah - You can buy it online but be sure of what you are buying!
Susan - That's great agb!
Pam - I’ve had ‘P’ since the day I was born. So 50 years now! My skin has discoloured quite bad. I put ... More »
Sarah - Mine hasn't come back where there is no pigmentation left. Most of my torso is covered in white s... More »
agb - When my husband drives I make sure my arms and elbows get lots of sun 🌞 but my skin color does no... More »
Michelle - That is the only water I drink. ;)
Md - Some people say that citrus fruits are a trigger, did you not face any problem by drinking lemon ... More »
Jean - Not at all I've always drank lemon water; I don't connect this with any flare ups my body bad bee... More »
Sarah - You can buy special nail oils. I haven' done it because they are so expensive. At times I have cl... More »
Susan - I have big toes that are Brown can't understand why.
Mishlyn - Could it possibly be bruising as well Susan?
Susan - agb it's a bit tough, but more and more hairdressers are getting to know what psoriasis is. I lo... More »
agb - So glad you guys understand. Something as simple as getting a haircut is NOT that simple. We have... More »
Sarah - I think if I'd waited for my scalp to calm down I wouldn't have had a haircut in decades! I know ... More »
agb - I have not tried a spinning class. Not sure how I feel about a tiny bike seat. I did try a mash... More »
Sarah - Try it and see what you think! The seats aren't that tiny 😉
Walter - Walking and swimming in warm water and my Fysio and that is it. Other things I can't do anymore.
john,Hulk - i am finishing up my fliten free bread after weekend and i will cook up my quinoa, hope it tastes... More »
john,Hulk - dont know why that came out wrong, fliten/gluten free bread :)
Susan - Good for you john. Gluten free is processed anyway. You will like the quinoa flatbread. Soak i... More »
Susan - Go to the bathroom or anywhere a few times a day. Breath really deeply. Walking is always good.
john,Hulk - haha susan, with all the water i drink,i am surprised i get to leave the bathroom :)
Deleted account - Get a deck of playing cards and try and build a card house. It will exercise your nerves and exer... More »
Eileen - Thanks for u response Dave, thankfully there has been a community support group available to me... More »
agb - Dave, Thank so much for the book recommendation. I will look for it.
Janice - Thankfully I have never suffered from depression and I have had psoriasis for 60 years.
Kim - Welcome back.
Cheryl - Welcome back⚘
john,Hulk - welcome back agb ,sorry for all this trouble you are having
Lauren - No but I wondered about that. I'm overweight and know I need to loose weight and wondered if it ... More »
john,Hulk - hello agb, i lost weight with diet changes at the same time my p has cleared up.i needed to lose ... More »
agb - I read that loosing weight is helpful. I have about 25 pounds to loose. Some days after working o... More »
Janice - I am quite lucky as I can wear sleeveless tops as I now only have it on my elbows and not many pe... More »
agb - Janice- I barely wear dresses and skirts since I have spots on my knee and front legs. So sad s... More »
TravelRocker - Luckily I work from home, I don't think I could ever go back into an office with my psoriasis. I ... More »
Jack - Let us know how you get on agb! My knuckles are also red (just checked, four on the left and pink... More »
agb - Update- Yesterday I went to my dermatologist she referred me to a rheumatologist for x rays. She... More »
john,Hulk - i hope it hasnt got to that stage agb, i dont have it badly, i maybe doing some things that has n... More »
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