Aimee @aimee1

Batesville, MS, USA

Much to young to feel this old


K - Sadly no one can understand us. I feel it difficult making other understand about my situation
Rosey - Very hard Aimee,cut a day off work,but over them not understanding how painful it was to sit on m... More »
Rosey - And I still had to travel on the day was approved not to? Argh,mind u legs coped fine,too little ... More »
psomom - Hope you feel better soon. I’ve been managing my stress with YouTube videos by Micheal Sealey and... More »
Rosey - Oh Aimee really feel for you , keep trying to find what works be it natural or on scripts,no one ... More »
Aimee - Thanks y’all! (Yes I’m from the south 😊) It just really helps that other people understand this r... More »
James - When I start scratching my back with the back scratcher, anyone listening at the door could be fo... More »
Aimee - Thanks so much !! I’ll try both, I’m waiting on biologic to come in
Rosey - Epson salt is good too apparently ,haven't tried it yet,soak feet in in,take a bath in it,i m nut... More »
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