Ajit @ajit

Kerala, Gujarat, India

Psoriasis is a pain...


Josh - There are 2 IFPA's lol
Mickg48 - Just need to ask Lasse Ajit.
Ajit - @Mickg48...will do...Thanks
Susan - Ajit I did not know you came from the "land of coconuts". Very cool for you as I hear there are ... More »
Ajit - @Susan Apparently coconut and its oil is a daily essential in this part of the world. Though a n... More »
Susan - Ajit, Although you say apple cider vinegar does not help you it may be worth a try to mix equal a... More »
john,Hulk - sorry you are angry :(
Ajit - Rightly said John...Choices, makes way for changes; but am sure we all share the same concern as ... More »
Ajit - Glad to hear you succeeded in managing your psoriasis...Happy Life
Mickg48 - Hi Ajit yes it is inherited but instead of using a dryer keep it moist Vaseline or petrolium jel... More »
Ajit - Thanks @Mickg48... I do try my best to keep it moist, but the itch happens despite it and most o... More »
Deleted account - I was waking up in the middle of the night 3am 420a.m. and that's how i found this site...looking... More »
Ajit - True Paul...A very nice initiative from Flaym...Expressing our feelings with people who understan... More »
Deleted account - Exactly Ajit...we need to express ourselves and with people that can truly empathise with us. Yo... More »
Ajit - Same here Cheryl. The itch seems to worsen with the cold
Deleted account - cold and dry air always inflames it yes
Ajit - Thanks Paul...Xactly as you mentioned...the cold just gives jitters...warmth makes me feel veey c... More »
Deleted account - Too put it laymens terms
Ajit - Yes Paul...meditation seems to be the only way out...and also being around people who love you fo... More »
Deleted account - Thank you Ajit...some people take for granted that our minds are More powerful than we can even i... More »
Camilla - Buy the book "Healing psoriasis the Natural Alternative" by Dr John Pagano. After a major toe to ... More »
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