Alan @alan

I once nicked a pint glass of vodka and orange off Lemmy...


john,Hulk - the cosmetic industry are more worried about pointing out anti aging creams for wrinkles as ever... More »
Sarah - Haha Alan!!!!
Alan - I said 'they're just laughter lines', She looked me straight in the eye and said; 'nothings tha... More »
Jack - Haha, you had me at 'lady pleasurer'. Off I went to Google but couldn't find much. What's it for?
Alan - A lady pleasurer? Or the Applicator? If it's the latter it's a new way of smearing yourself with ... More »
Jack - Haha I know the former Alan, I'm not celibate man! So its the latest cream smearing technology I ... More »
steven - good luck alan iam waiting for the hospital dermatologist i have psoriasis on my face
hilary - hope it went /goes well for you
Cheryl - Did you get some help?
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