Aleksandar @aleksandar1

Skopje, Macedonia (FYROM)

I'm sad because I think I will stay alone. I want to spend my life with a girl who will like me, maybe love me :).


Michelle - Not a bad idea Aleksadar. I'm sure the Flaymer will love a good get together ;)
Rosey - Interesting Michelle am at docs regularly,( well seems like it) will ask if I remember,and will a... More »
Michelle - Yes please Rosey, find out for us because I think its rediculous not to be able to donate blood b... More »
Rosey - In Google it says you can give blood if you have mild p,but pple like me who have had nasty tabs ... More »
Aleksandar - Contagious*
Jen - Is there a reason you think that Aleksandar?
Aleksandar - Yes, we had sex without condom with my girlfriend. That time I had a spot on my private part, and... More »
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