allan @allanncaz

Mid Devon District, England, United Kingdom

We are special people, usually kind and considerate , I would say most of us care about our environment ,and about the future of our children , We should all save our skin and when we have enough mix it up in a great big melting pot ,what could we d


john,Hulk - It was supposed to be, So true Michelle, i should wear me glasses doh :)
john,Hulk - Thanks Michelle,Well i have that choice to make unless i make a mistake? i hope not or hope i hav... More »
Michelle - Hahahahaha John. I knew you were going to say that. Well, never look back at what could have be... More »
Mishlyn - It sure can be tiresome trying to figure it all out sometimes allen. Is there anyone who may be a... More »
Sarah - Planting your own skin garden, allan! Very eco 😊 It does get boring moisturising all the time. Bu... More »
Nan195 - Hi Allan, never too old to start something new 😊
john,Hulk - seems all the pleasures in life are bad for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis,i wouldnt give up e... More »
Ragazza - Well Allan, since a few weeks I cut out oranges... smoke 2/3 bread and pasta without ... More »
Ragazza - @ Jessica I'm glad you didn't mention SHOPPING..
Jack - Ouch, might be the Koebner phenomenon, when P develops on sites of skin injury.
allan - my Avatar is of me sitting on the steps at work with my Dog Jim ,day I was made redundant
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